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Rikkai first-year fic. Sanada and Yanagi meet. Incomplete! Written... a week or two ago(?) at work, I just typed it up and tweaked a bit XD 292 Words. Set before everything else written so far.


Day One


Yanagi hears the sound of a pencil snapping at the desk behind him and reaches for his spare automatically - Sadaharu used to sit at that desk back in elementary.

He realises what he has done when a pair of dark eyes stare blankly back at him.

"Are you nervous about this exam?" Yanagi asks to cover his misstep. "Putting enough pressure on your upright pencil to snap the graphite is an indicator of anxiety." The boy doesn't reply. "These exams are only preliminary - the teachers will use our performance in class as the true indicator of our mental acuity."

"Are you mocking me?"

Yanagi blinks for the second time in under a minute.

"I thought I was being reassuring."


They discover soon enough that sharing a few words during class leads everyone to assume they are friends. At lunch time Sanada and Yanagi find themselves left alone together. When someone pushes into the dinner-queue in front of Yanagi, Sanada feels himself puff up automatically in response - he is both taller and broader than Yanagi, he can handle it.

Except Yanagi places a hand on his shoulder - it isn't an attempt to restrain him, it's stupidly gentle - and it surprises Sanada so much he just looks down at it and stares, forgetting the queue-jumper entirely. People don't generally touch him, ever.


"Yanagi-kun," Sanada says across the table. "Yanagi-kun?"

"Hmm?" Yanagi replies eventually, and, "Oh, I'm sorry. You had better call me Renji. It's what I'm used to, I may not reply otherwise."

Sanada stammers over it, but it's worth it for the look on his face when Yanagi adds, "if it will make you feel less uncomfortable, I will coordinate and start referring to you as Genichirou, also."

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Rikkai first-year fic. Some more Sanada-Yukimura rivalry (and lack there of) exploration. The moment things fall into place. 545 words.




"It's about being the best," Muraoka says. "The best team who get the best results. I don't care who is better than who when it comes to this team winning. When we play a match against another school we're all on the same side. We're one entity. Play order is of no concern, so forget any arguments. All I care about is that you are better than your opponent. I care that you're the best you can be, and that this team as a whole is the best it can be... So that we always win."

The crowd disperses, and Yukimura has to wonder just how many of them really took the words in. But therein lies the challenge - he knows it is up to him to make sure that in his time at Rikkai he makes it so that every member of the tennis team - from the Regulars down to freshman collecting up the balls - come to live by those words. And to make sure that those who can't or won't are not associated with his club.

His club. Although he only thinks it to himself, Yukimura knows that even that is dangerous. Which is the entire reason he feeds Muraoka the words to say willingly. His time will come.

Sanada takes the words in. But he realises afterwards that he has been watching Yukimura the entire time, seeing the words coming out of Yukimura's mouth even though he hasn't spoken. Those aren't Muraoka-buchou's words, he can say that with confidence, and yet he doesn't quite know how he knows that.

The only thing that really matters in the end is the way Yanagi looks at him with a sideways glance. He opens his mouth to speak, and Sanada cuts him off.

"I know," he says, and as everyone else heads back to the courts Sanada makes a beeline for Yukimura.

Yukimura frowns a little as Sanada approaches, no doubt assuming that he will make a demand for a match because that's what he always does. Yukimura doesn't usually show so much expression on his face unless he wants people to see it. He's irritated because he thinks Sanada has missed the point completely and is about to punctuate it.

For once it actually matters to Sanada that someone has the wrong idea about him. He prides himself on his discipline and restraint - especially considering he knows best the kind of temper he generally manages to hide - and yet here is someone who would rightfully assume he has none at all based on all their interactions. He has to correct this.

Sanada stops in front of Yukimura and waits. Rather than blurt out his words he gives it a moment for the silence to register, just looking at Yukimura, who looks back at him blankly. Sanada takes a breath.

"I understand," Sanada says, and before he realises what he is doing he bows. Yukimura's eyes widen, but Sanada spins around and marches away before Yukimura can recover enough to say anything to that. To hell with the lack of explanation, Yukimura isn't stupid. He'll figure it out.

Sanada can feel his cheeks burning. All that matters right now is that he get as far away from everyone as possible.

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Rikkai first-year fic. Some Sanada-Yukimura rivalry (and lack there of) exploration. More to follow :D 242 words. Prompt: 24 May 2006 - Discretion, I said, was not the same as lying.


(Lack of) Discretion


"If you won't play a match against me you'll never know for certain who is better between us," Sanada says. Yukimura realises that this is really nothing new, and yet it has become a pleasant kind of white noise in the background of his everyday life. The tenacity that Sanada has, the impossible drive to win, it makes him smile where he really should be losing his patience by now.

Perhaps that's the real reason he can't end this after all. The thought that Sanada might end up just like all the others. Worse even, because Yukimura has seen Sanada play. Going against Sanada in a match would provoke his true tennis.

Yukimura knows the team needs Sanada's strength too much to indulge his curiosity. Even if he himself is itching to test his skill against the person he can just see is going to become one of the strongest players the junior circuit has ever known. Yukimura knows what it is to mislead someone for the sake of a greater good. Even when it makes Sanada hate him more and more. Yukimura can handle that - you don't have to be liked by someone in order to like them back.

"I do know who is better between us," he replies, because he has to. A shot to the gut will work best. "Tezuka completely defeated you at the Junior Tournament, and then I defeated him. I think it speaks for itself."

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     Day One LJ/DW
[They discover soon enugh that sharing a few words during class leads everyone to assume they are friends.]
     Where Do We Begin LJ/DW
[Yukimura does his best to be unobtrusive when he enters Rikkaidai Junior School's Tennis Club.]
     One Point Shy of Winning LJ/DW
[Putting together a new team isn't going to be so simple.]
     More Than Meets The Eye LJ/DW
[There are many unspoken secrets - and not-secrets - lurking beneath the surface of the tennis club.]
     (Lack of) Discretion LJ/DW
["If you won't play a match against me you'll never know for certain who is better between us," Sanada says.]
     Fealty LJ/DW
[His club. Although he only thinks it to himself, Yukimura knows that even that is dangerous.]
     Pre-Monarchy LJ/DW
[Where now are kings and where/ are the men who passed this way before you?]
     A Guise of Gentle Words LJ/DW
[The troika plan to hang out.]
     Two Kings LJ/DW
["Now." Tezuka insists, and hangs up. He did not pick up the habit from Yukimura, it simply began with him.]

     Defeat LJ/DW
[During their second year, when everyone but everyone is well aware of who they are and what their skill level is, and they are above a good amount of members age-wise, Yukimura feels he can finally be the captain he should be.]
     Accept and Endure LJ/DW
[Niou gets these feelings sometimes, a sort of aching like a dream forgotten on waking.]
     Play and Be Played LJ/DW
[Yukimura has this habit of leaving things unsaid; he is so used to seeing the meaning behind unspoken words that he forgets not everyone is as aware as he.]
     Intuition, Analysis, Emotion LJ/DW
[Later on, once practice is settled back into normalcy again and ended some time later, Yanagi can't help having regrets.]
     Bring You to Your Knees LJ/DW
["Until you're the best you can just do as you're told," Yukimura says with finality when he realises Kirihara isn't going to answer back this time. ]
     Metamorphosis LJ/DW
[What most people don't know is that Niou actually does need glasses. It's just that he prefers contact lenses for most everything, especially playing tennis.]
     Intervention LJ/DW
["Akaya, it's not polite to hog," Yukimura says absently as he follows, but looking around he notices nobody else is even in the carriage. "Oh, alright." ]
(Yukimura's collapse)
     Abridged Part 1 LJ/DW [Abridged Commentary LJ/DW]
[One thing he does not forsee in the scenario, however, are the first words out of Yukimura's mouth during his and Genichirou's fourth visit; the first in which Yukimura is not sleeping.]
     Collapse LJ/DW
["How can you be so calm?!" Sanada demands at Yukimura in his hospital bed. "You just collapsed!"]
     Sick With Worry LJ/DW
[Walking into a training session he has almost completely missed is one of the hardest things Sanada has ever had to do.]
     Down the River Styx LJ/DW
[The hospital is never silent, not even in the dead of night.]
     We Gamble To Be Born Again LJ/DW
[Yukimura pulls out a couple of dice from beneath his pillow.]

     Jishin LJ/DW
["We won!" Everyone except Sanada choruses. "Of course," Sanada then adds on. Yukimura nods and smiles.]
     Resurrection LJ/DW
[When he wakes up from a successful surgery, Yukimura is amazed to the point of laughter when his team burst into tears around him.]
     Repetition LJ/DW
[Same continuity as Resurrection, but not in first person this time. Yukimura isn't done talking things out with Sanada.]
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title: More Than Meets The Eye
character(s)/pairing(s): Yukimura, Yanagi, Sanada, Muraoka (OC).
genre: pre-series, backstory, original character
wordcount: 667
notes/summary: A series exploring the Rikkai third-years freshman year at Rikkai. There are many unspoken secrets - and not-secrets - lurking beneath the surface of the tennis club.
previous: Where Do We Begin, One Point Shy of Winning

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Rikkai first-year fic, set between the Kanagawa and Kantou tournaments. 310 Words. Prompt from 31_days. 27 August 2006: Where now are kings and where/ are the men who passed this way before you?. Written a little while ago, but only posting now!
Previous: Where Do We Begin, One Point Shy of Winning, More Than Meets The Eye.




"We might take Kantou?" Gesshin asks. "Well, that's good, that's something. Even if we accomplish nothing else that's still important - we've been winning Kantou for so long now it's expected of us. It would be an embarrassment if we didn't."

"An embarrassment?" Yukimura says. "I'll tell you the real embarrassment; that everyone goes around shouting, 'Always win, Rikkaidai', and yet once Kantou is over everyone is content with just that. What about Nationals, has everyone forgotten them? What do people think of, 'Always win, Rikkaidai' then; when the team come back without the championship? An empty threat - that's what they think. All talk and no follow-through."

"Thank you, Yukimura-kun, for explaining to the rest of the team what we were discussing earlier," Muraoka says warningly, and Yukimura realises this is the most he has spoken in company since joining the club, and the most passionately he has done so, too. And it wasn't really being received well until Muraoka stepped in and took the responsibility for it. Now the voices aren't outraged and shamed, but the murmurs of quietly grudging agreement.

"What you have to remember," Muraoka says later on, in private, "is that to everyone else you're still only a freshman. An exceptionally talented freshman who they are happy to have on their team if it means winning, but that doesn't mean they believe you have knowledge worth contributing. You do," he adds as Yukimura opens his mouth to protest, "but your age is against you right now. There's too much prejudice. I apologize for ruining your speech, but it may have led to a riot had I left you berating Rikkai's entire attitude to the game."

"But they will listen to you?" Yukimura asks. So long as the message gets through he can't find it in him too care overly much just now.

"Let's hope so, for all our sakes."

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Noey, I blame you for this! I hope it works for you ;) Rikkai first-year fic, set later than what I've written so far. The troika plan to hang out. 400 Words.

Prompt: 11 September 2005: A guise of gentle words


They are sitting together on the bench; Sanada with back straight and arms crossed, Yukimura draped lazily and taking up almost fully half of the seat, waiting for Yanagi to appear.

"Not like him to be late, mm?" Yukimura comments idly. He swings his arm alongside the bench and watches as Sanada glances around, and seeing nothing his expression tightens ever so slightly. He is always the first to worry if anything unusual occurs. It makes Yukimura smile.

Yukimura isn't concerned; one of Yanagi's favourite sayings is that having all the data means the only thing left to learn are the ways the data will then be overcome. Every rule requires an exception, and all data contains anomalies.

As Sanada takes a deep breath and lets it out noisily, Yukimura leans back against the arm of the bench and looks up at the clouds passing overhead. Very few; the weather is clear and bright, and not too warm. Perfect for a tennis match.

In his pocket his phone begins to ring, and Yukimura pulls it out, expecting perhaps Yanagi is running so late now he needs to let them know. Yanagi's name isn't the one flashing on the screen.


"Yukimura-kun, I'm sure I've told you before you can call me Tsubasa."

"No - I can't," Yukimura laughs, and Sanada glances up because the soft and intimate tone of voice unsettles him, and sees Yukimura's cheeks are spotted a faint pink.

"Are you busy right now?"

"I've got plans, but I'm not sure what's going on with them right now," Yukimura says, turning his back on Sanada completely and waving a hand in the air to punctuate the fact. Sanada grits his teeth. True enough that Yanagi is late and silent as of yet on the reason why, but Sanada is still there. Sometimes it seems like Yukimura can only handle it when they are a group, a unit. One-on-one unsettles him after too long, except when it's Muraoka-senpai, and tennis.

"How about you just let me know if you become available?"

"Okay, I'll do that," Yukimura replies, and hangs up the phone. When he turns back around he sees Sanada with his eyes shut, his breathing deep and even. Meditating.

"Sanada?" Yukimura says. There's a long pause before Sanada opens his eyes again.

"Nothing," he replies, and though Yanagi isn't there yet Sanada thanks him silently for his constant presence.

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title: One Point Shy of Winning
character(s)/pairing(s): Yukimura, Muraoka (OC), Sanada, Yanagi, Rikkai Regulars (OCs).
genre: pre-series, backstory, original character
wordcount: 1153
notes/summary: A series exploring the Rikkai third-years freshman year at Rikkai. Putting together a new team isn't going to be so simple.
previous: Where Do We Begin.


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title: Where Do We Begin
character(s)/pairing(s): Yukimura, Sanada, Yanagi, Muraoka (OC).
genre: pre-series, backstory, original character
wordcount: 1323
notes/summary: Yukimura does his best to be unobtrusive when he enters Rikkaidai Junior School's Tennis Club. First in a series exploring the Rikkai (canon) third-years freshman year at Rikkai.

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title: Establishing Order
fandom: Gokusen
characters: Sawada Shin, Uchiyama Haruhiko.
summary: Set before the drama, in first year. Shin has been expelled from his previous school and taken up at Shirokin.
notes: For Oct/Nov Daily Drabbles, prompt from Cyn: Establishing order (Gokusen, 3-D gang). And I suck at titles so of course I used it ;) 1204 Words.

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Was browsing the old [ profile] tezukafuji comm, and came across some themes. And inspiration struck, a little at a time!


tezuka, fuji, "yamato buchou"; 100 words.


"Ah, Tezuka-kun you're still here," Yamato says, stepping up behind Tezuka. The smile drops from his face as his chin lifts to follow Tezuka's gaze onto the court. "If you are trying to get some information on possible future rivals, you might spend your time better elsewhere."

"Yamato-buchou," Tezuka replies without the merest infliction in his voice. Yamato sighs beside him. He voices no further opinion before vacating his spot, leaving Tezuka alone to watch the perfect repetition of a serve that is technically accurate but singly false.

As he takes a breath to leave, Fuji turns and waves.

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Yanagi, Yukimura, first year, team try-outs. Yukimura knows best. 245 words.




"You're good," Yukimura accedes. "You're a good player, a strong technical player, and you can predict your opponents moves in ways that surpass almost anyone else I've ever known..."

The second year who has just played and lost the match takes something from Yukimura's words, as though the fact that his opponent is superlative in something makes all the difference in the world to why he lost the match, makes it somewhat more acceptable. Of course, if he'd known Yukimura any longer than this, he would've realised no defeat is acceptable, and no words of comfort that have to be spoken can do anything other than console a defeated spirit.

"But," Yukimura continues, looking Yanagi dead in the eyes, "I don't want you on my team."

Yanagi meets his eyes and nods, the slightest, smallest twitch of his chin. He does not glance around or attempt to have explained to him the reason why team members with two years on Yukimura are standing idly by like helpless children and letting him make all the decisions. He does not ask why they have not taken Yukimura under their wings, as a freshman who needs guidance, but have instead all rushed to camp out under his own shade. Does his rarely seen talent possess the power to overshadow them so completely?

"Feel free to come back," Yukimura says, turning away and waving his hand casually over his shoulder in dismissal, "when you know how to win."

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Tezuka and Yukimura play a match. Set either after the tennis season of first year. Ship or gen, whatever you like! 440 words, originally from here (LJ)/here (DW).


two kings


"A match," he says into the phone in response to the light breathing. Yukimura never says hello when he sees Tezuka's number appear on his phone, he simply waits.

"Now?" Yukimura asks, seeing his eyebrow and the corner of his lip both twitch upwards a little in amusement as he looks into the mirror. Perhaps there is more to the mirror being above the phone-table in the hallway that just good Feng shui.

"Now." Tezuka insists, and hangs up. He did not pick up the habit from Yukimura, it simply began with him.

He still refers to them as matches, Yukimura thinks to himself, and smiles. They never keep score anymore. There is so much more to tennis than who has hoarded the most points, for them at least. They can appreciate competition and winning for the sake of being the winner, but between them they can drop those tensions and play for the sake of loving the game.

Tezuka does not wonder; he does not try to keep track of the points and surmise as to who in fact has the advantage, he does not think about whether it is safe, or right, or wise. He definitely does not think about whether this is his best play, whether Yukimura's unmatchable skill is improving him, or whether they are just wearing down one another's corners.

Languishing at the same level, honing skills, complacency; he does not think about any of it.

He sits on the bench when they are past exhausted, places his hands on his knees to keep them from knocking together. The court lights will probably be turned off any minute now. Yukimura steps across just once so that he is behind Tezuka, uses his towel to wipe the sweat away from the back of Tezuka's neck. His index finger follows its path across from right to left.

Tezuka wants to shiver, but does not. Cannot?

"Your Sternocleidomastoideus twitches a little when you aim to return a shot to the very corner on the right." Yukimura says, reaching around a little to run a finger along said muscle to see if he can get a reaction himself. "Our biology teacher is terribly enthusiastic about athletes; he seems to think we'll be fascinated by how our bodies work simply because we can manipulate them in ways others can't."

It could only have been blander if Yukimura had said something about the weather, but the sky is dark now. And if the night air holds a chill, Tezuka cannot feel it through the shiver he does release this time.

Sometimes it feels as though whatever it is between he and Yukimura, it is the most intimate thing in the world.

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Inui, Tezuka, Fuji. In the same continuity as Intersection. Tezuka gives something away. 163 Words.


"Tezuka," Inui began, and cleared his throat, unsure that Tezuka was listening. Though it wasn't like he ever really turned to give anyone his full attention when they spoke anyway. He appeared to be doing the attentive-freshman thing, watching the matches being played avidly.

"Tezuka," he began again, more confidently, "I think Fuji is up to something."

"When is he not up to something?" Tezuka replied flatly. Inui was about to protest the importance of his worry, maybe mention the notebook browsing, but Tezuka spoke almost out of turn. "It's usually how much he is going to let himself lead by during the next match. I wouldn't worry about it."

Somewhere in the middle his voice had sounded a little angry. Or bitter. Or both. Inui nodded respectfully to the boy he knew was going to be vice-captain next year, and his captain someday, and looked at his notebook thoughtfully.

Somehow, he thought he might know what Fuji was up to.

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title: Intersection
characters: Inui, Fuji, Tezuka.
summary: Fuji does some research to work out how to keep a balance.
notes: Written for [ profile] pot500's Oscar Wilde Quotes Challenge #4.
word count: It's over, at 693 words. But considering the inspiration was from this comm, I thought I'd post it anyway (and hope it wasn't a problem!) :)


"To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim." - Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray; Preface)

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title: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
pairing: Fuji/Saeki
summary: Two friends and their first sexual encounters with one another ;)
inspiration: prompt table prompt 018. Gunsel: The orally passive member of a homosexual union.
notes: 1547 words.

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fandom: Prince Of Tennis
pairing(s)/characters: Tezuka/Fuji, Sanada/Yukimura, Yanagi, Echizen, Tachibana, Kirihara.
prompt: "I never knew my journey began, And ended with you my friend, Softer than your butterfly kisses, And stronger than my desire, I wanna thank you my friend, For making me feel alive." - What You Like, Darren Hayes
notes: 5564 Words. For January's Fluffy Relationships Challenge, but I want you to have it now, as a birthday present, Cyn :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE IT! FANGIRL IT! SQUEE YOUR HEART OUT! ;)


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Prompt table, condensed from here. Sources cited in that post; just find the appropriate prompt under it's original number.

001.Five shades of white.
( a. IVORY
e. SNOWY )
002. Everything you ever wished for. 003. The effect of impact on stationary objects. 004. Your pretty blue eyes are just stained glass. 005.As long as you're mine.
006.A dark heart, beating. 007.Beneath these hands. 008.The heart of your gesture. 009. Hard, but much truer. 010. Eyes meeting over the noise.
011. The possibility of zero. 012.In praise of surfaces. 013.Tomorrow is something we remember. 014. these children-no-longer-children. 015. a fine line between genius and insanity.
016. many nameless virtues. 017.A lie told often enough becomes the truth. 018.who can not forgive himself. 019. I had to be the good one. 020.the language of the visionary and the idealist.
021.Writer's Choice #1: Under Glass 022.Writer's Choice #2: Crossroads 023.Writer's Choice #3: Hunger 024.Writer's Choice #4: Finding New Prey 025.Writer's Choice #5: Winners Take Chances

Prince Of Tennis; Tezuka/Fuji mostly, whether it's paired, gen, or mixed with others.



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