Mar. 9th, 2011

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     Day One LJ/DW
[They discover soon enugh that sharing a few words during class leads everyone to assume they are friends.]
     Where Do We Begin LJ/DW
[Yukimura does his best to be unobtrusive when he enters Rikkaidai Junior School's Tennis Club.]
     One Point Shy of Winning LJ/DW
[Putting together a new team isn't going to be so simple.]
     More Than Meets The Eye LJ/DW
[There are many unspoken secrets - and not-secrets - lurking beneath the surface of the tennis club.]
     (Lack of) Discretion LJ/DW
["If you won't play a match against me you'll never know for certain who is better between us," Sanada says.]
     Fealty LJ/DW
[His club. Although he only thinks it to himself, Yukimura knows that even that is dangerous.]
     Pre-Monarchy LJ/DW
[Where now are kings and where/ are the men who passed this way before you?]
     A Guise of Gentle Words LJ/DW
[The troika plan to hang out.]
     Two Kings LJ/DW
["Now." Tezuka insists, and hangs up. He did not pick up the habit from Yukimura, it simply began with him.]

     Defeat LJ/DW
[During their second year, when everyone but everyone is well aware of who they are and what their skill level is, and they are above a good amount of members age-wise, Yukimura feels he can finally be the captain he should be.]
     Accept and Endure LJ/DW
[Niou gets these feelings sometimes, a sort of aching like a dream forgotten on waking.]
     Play and Be Played LJ/DW
[Yukimura has this habit of leaving things unsaid; he is so used to seeing the meaning behind unspoken words that he forgets not everyone is as aware as he.]
     Intuition, Analysis, Emotion LJ/DW
[Later on, once practice is settled back into normalcy again and ended some time later, Yanagi can't help having regrets.]
     Bring You to Your Knees LJ/DW
["Until you're the best you can just do as you're told," Yukimura says with finality when he realises Kirihara isn't going to answer back this time. ]
     Metamorphosis LJ/DW
[What most people don't know is that Niou actually does need glasses. It's just that he prefers contact lenses for most everything, especially playing tennis.]
     Intervention LJ/DW
["Akaya, it's not polite to hog," Yukimura says absently as he follows, but looking around he notices nobody else is even in the carriage. "Oh, alright." ]
(Yukimura's collapse)
     Abridged Part 1 LJ/DW [Abridged Commentary LJ/DW]
[One thing he does not forsee in the scenario, however, are the first words out of Yukimura's mouth during his and Genichirou's fourth visit; the first in which Yukimura is not sleeping.]
     Collapse LJ/DW
["How can you be so calm?!" Sanada demands at Yukimura in his hospital bed. "You just collapsed!"]
     Sick With Worry LJ/DW
[Walking into a training session he has almost completely missed is one of the hardest things Sanada has ever had to do.]
     Down the River Styx LJ/DW
[The hospital is never silent, not even in the dead of night.]
     We Gamble To Be Born Again LJ/DW
[Yukimura pulls out a couple of dice from beneath his pillow.]

     Jishin LJ/DW
["We won!" Everyone except Sanada choruses. "Of course," Sanada then adds on. Yukimura nods and smiles.]
     Resurrection LJ/DW
[When he wakes up from a successful surgery, Yukimura is amazed to the point of laughter when his team burst into tears around him.]
     Repetition LJ/DW
[Same continuity as Resurrection, but not in first person this time. Yukimura isn't done talking things out with Sanada.]


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