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Title: Time-Out
Characters: Izumi Shingo, Ankh.
Wordcount: 1220
Notes: We don't have a hell of a lot of characterization for Shingo, so I improvised a hell of a lot. But he's a cop so I figure that he can read people well, knows the right questions to ask (interrogate XD) ...Not to mention that I think having shared headspace with Ankh for roughly a year there would be little they couldn't say to each other at this point - there were no secrets back then! So hopefully I am justifying this enough <3
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Sanada/Yanagi/Yukimura future-fic, gen, 670 words, prompt: 7 September 2005: Herr doktor. Thank an old episode of House for this. This is just a snippet; might write some more in this universe sometime, hopefully not all angsty!

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Rikkai troika 'gen' (it's getting kind of ambiguous), University setting. 585 words. 31_days prompt: 25 October 2006. your unknown colour. Follows on from An Electric Michelangelo.


Your Unknown Colour


Once inside, they all have their rituals. Yukimura is always deferred to for first choice of seat; Yanagi and Sanada contrive to slow their paces until he is first through the door and he knows they do it. Once Yukimura has his seat - always beside the window - he shrugs off his rucksack and lets it thump beside him on the floor, sighing under the weight it carries and sagging until it is wrinkled up where it sits. This day he hunches up small in his chair and tries to absorb the heat from his drink through his fingertips.

Yanagi always gets his equipment out first; notebooks, folder, spare paper, pens and pencils. Once he has it all where he wants it only then does he remember to take off his jacket and hat and get comfortable. The hat goes into his bag, tucked away carefully so that Yukimura can't pick it up by the braids and whip it around his head, which he does if it is sat on within view and the temptation is strong enough.

The first thing Sanada does is take off his coat. He sits in his seat and waits for the warmth in the room to permeate his skin, his bag propped on the desk until he finds out what he is going to need for the duration of the class. Yukimura sits and daydreams about the art he didn't get enough time to look at, and the artist he wants to meet. The lecture goes over his head.

It wasn't nearly enough time to notice anything, but Yukimura thinks in terms of the basics. Yanagi and Sanada have their heads down, Yanagi making his neat organised notes with the bare minimum of information in short-hand that allows him to understand what has been said without unnecessary extra words. Sanada writes down everything word for word, scribbling at the speed of sound to be sure there's nothing he misses. When Yukimura works he tends to stop and pause now and then to reflect on information, sometimes writing and sometimes not. Sometimes he doodles. Yanagi always smiles almost condescendingly when he does that, and Sanada gets annoyed, but images help Yukimura remember better. Words aren't everything.

He can't help but realise it now, that Yanagi and Sanada are both so serious in their own ways, and both so orderly. Yanagi because it keeps him organised, and Sanada because it is right and proper. He isn't sure why they both gravitated towards him when he is so different. What he needs is someone to befriend who is more fluid and relaxed, like him. Someone with creative flair and an ease about them.

He doesn't even know the street artist, but he wants to. It makes no sense but Yukimura doesn't care. He is making assumptions based on a nagging feeling that he is missing out somehow. He loves Yanagi and Sanada both, but even between them there are still things they don't provide.

He realises suddenly what a dangerous path his thoughts are taking, and sits up a little. He devotes the rest of class to writing down all the things he should do afterwards that aren't, 'go to the park to find the street artist'.

The list is unconvincing, full of meaningless things that he doesn't need to do, and doesn't care about. Even 'spend time with Sanada and Yanagi' isn't enough to tempt him; they spend plenty of time together already, and even without him they still have one another.

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Rikkai troika gen, University setting. Inspired by this image. 904 words. 31_days prompt: 9 November 2005: An electric Michelangelo.


An Electric Michelangelo


It's a chilly winter morning and there's no time to waste - Yukimura slips out of the coffee shop with his Gingerbread Latte and Sanada and Yanagi are stood patiently waiting for him regardless of the wind whipping around them. Somehow Yukimura had managed to find himself further back in the queue than the two of them, and by the time Yanagi had noticed and offered to let him back in it had been too late and he and Sanada were already ordering. Yukimura's cut-off gloves leave his fingertips bare, and he presses them firmly to the warmth radiating out from his cup.

"We're going to be late," Sanada mutters, something they all know which didn't need to be said. It's tempting to point out that he could have gone ahead without them, but neither Yanagi nor Yukimura give in to the temptation. You don't question Sanada's loyalty, and you certainly don't make fun of it. They set off together, heads ducked down against the wind.

Sanada ignores his drink as he strides along, his free hand clutching his bag to his side to keep it from bouncing against his hip at the furious pace of his steps. The tassels of Yanagi's knitted hat stream behind him, and the pom-pom on top bounces with every step he takes, and Yukimura can't help smiling behind him. When Yanagi had first worn the hat - knitted by some elderly aunt or grandmother - Yukimura had spent the entire day tugging on the tassels at random moments just for the fun of it. Yanagi sips on his seasonal beverage of choice, a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha as he walks, almost stumbling to lean down and sip at it each time, he's in such a hurry.

Yukimura's rucksack on his back leaves his hands both free to continue gripping his cup. His scarf flaps in the wind, because he hasn't had the foresight to tuck his into his jacket like Sanada and Yanagi have. He depends on layers instead, his long coat that stops at mid-thigh undone over a lighter jacket, a jumper and a shirt.

They reach the end of the pedestrianised walkway and stop at the traffic lights. Yukimura pokes at one of the ear-flaps to Sanada's trapper hat.

"What have you got today?" He asks hopefully. Sanada always flits between two choices, Green Tea Latte which Yukimura hates, and Chai Tea Latte which he adores.

Sanada just offers out the cup in response, eyes going back to watching the traffic light as he shoves his hands deep into his pockets. Yukimura takes a sip and pulls a face; it's green tea. When he looks up Sanada's mouth is set in a grim smile.

"You could've said," Yukimura says, wiping his mouth and handing back the cup.

"You wouldn't have believed me anyway," Sanada replies. "Drink your own drink."

Yukimura sticks his tongue out at Sanada and does as he suggests, swirling his own latte in his mouth to rid himself of the bitter tang. The traffic light changes and they cross the road and cut through the park to get to their university campus.

Most of the trees are bare, except for the evergreens and the particularly stubborn ones that still cling to orange, red and brown leaves in places. The benches are frosted over. Sometimes Yukimura, Yanagi and Sanada sit on them and share - lunch if no other students have beaten them to it, in which case they stretch out on the grass - but not in this weather.

The ground isn't damp, but it gives that impression anyway, the leaves that are on it have a wet sheen to them and they stick, and yet are slippery if you step on them. Not far from the exit at the other end of the park a small crowd has formed, which is unusual considering the season.

Sanada charges through, utterly uncaring of what is going on. Yanagi spares a brief glance as he walks through for the sake of knowing. If it were an emergency of some sort he might stop, out of compassion. But it's simply a street artist at work, and that's nothing he hasn't seen before. They're going to be late.

Yukimura is the one who stops. Sanada and Yanagi are ahead of him and still moving, the gap between them increasing. The man is wearing too little to be outside for a long period of time like this, ripped jeans and a jumper over a t-shirt, but he doesn't seem bothered. His hand moves furiously over the ground, although he has a fair few canvases propped up for sale, too. It seems ridiculous to draw on the floor for nothing when the weather could turn at any moment and wash it away.

And yet he uses colours completely out of season; bright and bold primary colours accented by alternating warm and cold tones. It brings the park alive again, Yukimura thinks.

"Seiichi," Yanagi says, appearing a few steps away from him. "We're going to be late."

"I'm coming," he replies, sparing one last glance for the street artist who can't be any older than he is. The brunette catches him and their eyes meet. He smiles, and Yukimura makes the decision before he moves his feet and carries himself away.

He just has to hope the man will still be there by the time his first free period comes along.

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fandom: Prince of Tennis
prompt: from [ profile] mlina; "telephones and microphones"
characters: Sanada, Yukimura.
notes: 692 words. AU future!fic with Yukimura abroad as a famous tennis star. It's just silly ;)

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I've been in search of writing memes for a while now, and [ profile] vacivity picked me one out to try on y'all ;)

Age is just a Number;
Comment with a character and an age/time period (high school, birth, "their thirties") and I will try and write a ficlet centred around it. If other characters are involved, that's up to you!

If you want to include an additional prompt/quote/object/whatever, so much the better. I like specifics :)

eta; Heh, memes are fun! If you want to request again, keep 'em coming! :D

eta2; Links to comment replies thus far!

Tezuka at 13. for [ profile] vacivity.
Niou, age 25. With Yagyuu. for [ profile] giving_ground
Tezuka...early twenties. (with Fuji) for [ profile] reddwarfer
Akaya at 25. (With Sanada) for [ profile] obsessed_love
Yukimura, age 20. (With Sanada) for [ profile] giving_ground
Fuji/Saeki at 27. (With Tezuka) for [ profile] crysaliz
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series title: Eraser Chapter One
fandom: Prince of Tennis
pairing/characters: Tezuka/Fuji, Yumiko.
summary: in any fiction (...) there was only ever room for three players (...) between adoring spouses, a seducer, or a child. - Imajica, Clive Barker.
notes: 2618 words. Future!fic, established relationship, angst coming up eventually. r/nc-17 rating from the beginning.

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title: Love In The Milky Way
characters: Fuji, Tezuka.
summary: A little bit of angst, a tiny bit of progress.
notes: Written for [ profile] pot500's Festivals Challenge, #7.
word count: 474 words.

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Another [ profile] picfor1000 inspired; 100 words exactly this time. And the one line I began with didn't even end up in there!


[ profile] postingwhore's water image: here.



Tezuka probably thinks that Fuji has a bad habit of chewing on the end of his paintbrushes in between brushstrokes, but it is not so. It's something he only does when Tezuka is around, unintentionally making himself the subject of art as he idly roots through a drawer for his address book, or reads a book whilst standing waiting for the water to boil.

The data on himself is still inconclusive after all this time, Fuji thinks. He smiles, and paints binary on his canvas to distract himself; this one after all, was never going to be a masterpiece.

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Tezuka/Fuji, futurefic. Fuji is love. 155 Words.


No Limit


The sky is blue amidst the clouds, birds are singing, flowers blooming. There are children running around on the carefully cultivated flower beds.

Tezuka lifts the newspaper higher to block his field of vision, reaches around it for his orange juice.

"I do love communal gardens, don't you, Tezuka?" Fuji sighs happily, clapping for the children when they insist on showing off their wonky handstands that barely last two seconds. "I think that's the reason I wanted us to buy this place."

Tezuka curls the corner of the paper down, just enough to see Fuji on his right-hand side, offering a piece of toast to a scruffy little boy who smiles and reveals gaps in the front of his mouth, flashes a shiny coin from the tooth fairy.

"There was no communal garden until you decided to pull down the fences." Tezuka replies when the neighbour's boy has run off to share his prize.

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title: Gradatim
fandom: Prince of Tennis
pairing(s): Tezuka/OFC, Tezuka/Fuji.
prompt: Prompt table prompt 068. Wittold: A man who knows about his wife's infidelity but does not care, or is satisfied with the situation.
notes: Futurefic, in that perfect career world where Tezuka became a Pro tennis player and Fuji became a flashy photographer because tennis was not his passion. And so they drifted apart, but meeting in the same place draws them back together. LONG, 7743 words. And little drabblings of porn once or twice. Don't ask, it just happened.

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Wherein I use other people's image prompts from [ profile] picfor1000 and write drabbles inspired by them that are NOT 1000 words because that's a lot for me ;) 201 Words.


[ profile] catwalksalone's earth image: here.


"We did this in Junior High," Fuji remembers suddenly, picking up a ball with a blue stripe around it. Tezuka nods.

"It was a good idea then, and it's a good idea now." He insists. "It's good to work on my speed and co-ordination regularly."

Fuji just nods along to the dialogue that never really needs to be said, and yet they trade it back and forth anyway, perhaps just to make sure they don't lose their voices. He picks up the basket of balls and walks exactly seventeen steps away from where Tezuka stands, avoiding the coloured cones as he does so.

"There are more colours than before," he says, looking down into the basket as he places it on the ground.

"I'm older now," Tezuka points out, "with a higher skill level."

It doesn't make a difference; red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, pink, purple, orange or brown, Tezuka does not miss a single one. He calls them in the air every single time before aiming, and Fuji knows he is right before they hit.

"You did not miss a single one the last time, either." He says fondly. Tezuka's eyes narrow.

"You did." He replies. "On purpose."


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title: Thorough
fandom: Prince of Tennis
pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
inspiration: Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy Trilogy, and the TV show Scrubs ;)
summary: Future fic, Tezuka finds himself in hospital after a match, and Fuji wants to be the one to tell him what happened. 502 Words.

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title: Decision
fandom: Prince Of Tennis
pairing(s): Fuji/Yukimura. There is also: Yanagi/Yukimura, Yanagi/Inui, Tezuka/Fuji, and very VERY loose hints at Inui/Kaidoh/Momo ;)
challenge: (From Cyn). AU or future!fic. Yukimura's a model and Fuji's a photographer
notes: 3809 words. Rated highish. Eventually. ENJOY CYN ;)

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