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title: Abridged, Part One.
characters: Yanagi, Yukimura, Sanada, Inui.
inspiration: Prompts from here, more specifically:
[ profile] 50_darkfics (63) - Masterpiece, [ profile] 100_leitmotifs (73) - the sum of its parts, and [ profile] 100_leitmotifs (90) - oubliette.
notes: 2330 words. Cathryn read it over for me and insisted it can stand as it is. And though I usually hate the way I end things and rush them and stuff, it's weird to end it like this. I'll probably add to it at some point.

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Yuuta, Syuusuke, Tezuka, some eventual Seigaku Regulars. Set during their second year, and originally inspired by this prompt: Synechthry: The state of living together in enmity from the prompt table. Hopefully I'll add more at some point.


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title: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
pairing: Fuji/Saeki
summary: Two friends and their first sexual encounters with one another ;)
inspiration: prompt table prompt 018. Gunsel: The orally passive member of a homosexual union.
notes: 1547 words.

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title: Iatronudia
characters: Fuji, Oishi, Tezuka. Vague Tezuka/Fuji towards the end. (And so much more in my head. And Fuji's. Cough).
summary: Fuji had been eight years old the first time he'd felt so ill the doctor had asked him to take off his shirt so that he could listen properly to his chest." A little risque by the way ;) 1745 Words.
inspiration: prompt table prompt #021: Iatronudia: The pretense of illness in order to be allowed to disrobe in front of a doctor.

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fandom: Prince Of Tennis
pairing(s)/character(s): Tezuka/Fuji, Yukimura, Yanagi, Oishi.
prompt: 014. these children-no-longer-children.
notes: Set during the Nationals at some point, before Seigaku play Rikkai (they just HAVE to play one another again, with their CAPTAINS this time). A meeting to discuss tennis-type-stuff. 1361 Words.

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fandom: Prince Of Tennis
pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
prompt: 013. Tomorrow is something we remember.
notes: Set just before Tezuka leaves for Germany. Spoilers for episodes 73 through 75. As well as events later revealed in 174 through 176. Wordcount: 1373 Words.

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Prompt table, condensed from here. Sources cited in that post; just find the appropriate prompt under it's original number.

001.Five shades of white.
( a. IVORY
e. SNOWY )
002. Everything you ever wished for. 003. The effect of impact on stationary objects. 004. Your pretty blue eyes are just stained glass. 005.As long as you're mine.
006.A dark heart, beating. 007.Beneath these hands. 008.The heart of your gesture. 009. Hard, but much truer. 010. Eyes meeting over the noise.
011. The possibility of zero. 012.In praise of surfaces. 013.Tomorrow is something we remember. 014. these children-no-longer-children. 015. a fine line between genius and insanity.
016. many nameless virtues. 017.A lie told often enough becomes the truth. 018.who can not forgive himself. 019. I had to be the good one. 020.the language of the visionary and the idealist.
021.Writer's Choice #1: Under Glass 022.Writer's Choice #2: Crossroads 023.Writer's Choice #3: Hunger 024.Writer's Choice #4: Finding New Prey 025.Writer's Choice #5: Winners Take Chances

Prince Of Tennis; Tezuka/Fuji mostly, whether it's paired, gen, or mixed with others.



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