Nov. 4th, 2016

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Hana Kaze AU


Hakyeon is about to close up shop when he hears the door to the florist open. It gives him a sense of deja vu, after Taekwoon's last-minute appearance the day before.

His deja vu becomes even more intense when he turns around and sees the very same face as he had the day before. Hakyeon feels his chest flutter as he recalls the way Taekwoon's soft voice had gone a little husky with his parting words. He isn't the type to make the first move, but if his second move wasn't made to kill.

Hakyeon hasn't been able to think of anything else but that all day long. He takes a deep, fortifying breath and breaks into his usual smile.

"Taekwoon-shi, you're back again," Hakyeon clasps his hands together. "I take it you're not here to see Yuri again today?"

Taekwoon's almost-smile coupled with a flat, unimpressed look. Hakyeon finds he really likes being able to provoke what is basically an eyeroll out of him. He likes that Taekwoon isn't afraid to show that side of himself to Hakyeon and not worry about appearances.

Taekwoon's eyes just about bore a hole through him. Hakyeon can tell he's going to have to get used to these silences filled with tension; exciting, prickling tension. It's not a bad thing. If Taekwoon will show through action rather than tell, that's fine. Hakyeon's always been a physical sort of person.

"If you don't mind," Hakyeon says, stepping entirely too close to Taekwoon when all he wants to do is bypass him to get to the door, "I should lock the entrance so that no other customers try to come in. Opening hours are up."

Taekwoon nods his assent, and as Hakyeon is turning the key in the lock Taekwoon pipes up, "I know. I didn't want to interrupt."

Hakyeon glances round. His smile drops from the bright one to something warm and fond. Taekwoon is so thoughtful.

"Well, now it's just you and me," he says, stepping towards Taekwoon fluidly. "What did you need my sole attention for?"

Hakyeon really isn't sure that Taekwoon is going to actually say it. But already he's forgotten that a direct question to Taekwoon gets a direct answer.

"To ask you... On a date," Taekwoon says eventually. Hakyeon is hanging so hard on every word that by the time the final, most important word comes out he's not sure how he's still breathing.

"I accept," Hakyeon says. He manages to hide every single trace of breathlessness; his reply comes out smooth and easy. "Where are we going?"

"Ah," Taekwoon looks like he's been shoved hard. "Hakyeon." Suddenly the atmosphere feels heavy. Hakyeon isn't sure what's wrong, but he offers out a seat for Taekwoon, next to the desk he takes bouquet orders at, pulling his own chair around so that they can be sat together and not across from one another.

"What's the matter?" Hakyeon offers out his hand. Taekwoon takes it after a moment's consideration. His grip is barely there. "Is there something you need to tell me?"

Taekwoon nods. Okay, that's a start. He looks a little pale, maybe shock?

"Would you like a hot drink?" Taekwoon nods again. Hakyeon is worried the silence will be uncomfortable while he's brewing tea, but then he feels body heat behind him. Taekwoon is there, nearby. He needs comfort.

Hakyeon turns around and pats Taekwoon's arm gently.

"Taekwoon, whatever it is, you can tell me." It still takes until Taekwoon has a hot mug in his hands to get his mouth to open again.

"I've never-" he says, and Hakyeon looks at Taekwoon intently, hoping how willing he is to listen is visible on his face. "Never dated anyone before."

"Oh?" Hakyeon asks, and though it's meant to come out as a, 'no big deal' sort of oh, it becomes more of, a 'how?' Has Taekwoon been saving himself or what? There's no way there haven't been interested parties! "I mean, continue!"

"People don't know I'm-" Taekwoon doesn't seem put off by Hakyeon's words. "Interested in men. If we date, I can't take you out places. I can't risk my job." Taekwoon looks down at his feet. "I had to tell you right away, in case you don't want to deal with that."

"You were really worried about this, huh," Hakyeon muses. He needs to reassure Taekwoon as soon as possible! "Taekwoon, it's okay. You're really serious about this thing between us, and that's great! This was important stuff for me to know. But for now we can just date quietly and see where it goes. If it takes us anywhere. I'd like it to! But no pressure, okay?"


Wordcount: 783


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