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Title: Captive
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Characters: Nick Stokes
Challenge: Title challenge: Captive
Notes: Set during the season 5 finale; Grave Danger. About 350 words.




They used to roleplay this at university, Nick remembers. Totally sick and twisted in a way, if you think about it. Pairing up and making one person the kidnapper and one person the captive. And why do they call it kidnapping even when it's an adult? Or, well, abduction really, but Nick has always called it kidnapping and old habits die hard.

Die, why did he have to say die. It just brings back the reality of the situation, his eyes blurred by some chemical rubbed into his face, hands bound behind his back and aching solidly. How could he even let himself be distracted by thoughts of college? He should be finding a way to leave something behind, to give the team a clue. No matter if this case would be too personal, surely Grissom would find a way to make sure it became their only priority.

And what if they get there too late and, as with most cases, they're left dealing with a still body? And why Him; Nick hasn't done anything to anyone! Tears seep from his sore eyes and he tries not to make a noise. The driver doesn't seem to know he's awake. He has to pick his moment.

He can feel the car turn corners, pause at traffic lights. Maybe if he can walk his bound feet along the trunk walls he'll find a way to release it and roll out of the car. Maybe he'd land on the street, hard. Maybe he'd almost get hit by the car behind. Maybe it would be completely worth it, just to be free of this waiting game.

One step, two step, three. Nick pulls his legs in towards his body ready to kick them back out again as hard as possible, but the car makes a giant swerve and instead he tumbles over himself in the back and knocks his head. When he reopens his eyes his breathing has gotten even shallower. He comforts himself with thoughts that if anyone had wanted to simply kill him, they would have done it by now.



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