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title: Float
characters: Fuji Yuuta, Fuji Syuusuke, Saeki Kojiroh.
summary: Set sometime when they were younger and evil. Yuuta tries to understand boys on Girl's Day.
notes: Written for [ profile] pot500's Festivals Challenge, #7.
word count: 437 words.

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To Em; February prompt number 6!
Fuji/Yuuta - Growing pains.
(If, you know, you want to throw Yumiko in there, feel free to! Hehe.)

Syuusuke/Yuuta: It's usually after a bad day. 505 Words

(and then Yumiko speaking through the door afterwards about the fact that their parents will be home soon, and speculation on just how much she really knows about what they get up to ;) )


It's usually after a bad day; Yuuta comes home for a change instead of staying at the school's dormitories and refuses to tell anyone what went wrong. He spends most of his evening in stony silence, casting a shadow over the family as they watch TV, or playing video games in Syuusuke's room which they used to share but doesn't feel like it is partly his at all anymore even if his bed is still there.

On days like that, Syuusuke feels a little relieved that there are things other than himself that can actually piss his younger brother off.

Yuuta drops by unannounced so there is no set routine; sometimes Syuusuke is reading in his bedroom from the moment he gets home, and does not know Yuuta is there until he appears at the door, locks it behind himself when he steps into the room.

Sometimes Yuuta will inform his brother he is going to play video games and slinks off to Syuusuke's room first. Syuusuke never tells him he cannot, but leaves him to the bloodiest, most violent games he can find until he has worked off most of his tension by shooting and mangling and destroying whatever appears on the screen.

Sometimes Syuusuke is not home at all, but out with friends, eating sushi or playing tennis, or whatever else it is they like to do. Times like that Yuuta's dark cloud gets blacker, and Yumiko makes herself busy in the kitchen, texting Syuusuke furiously as she cooks telling him to come home quickly.

Those days are the ones when Yuuta will meet him just inside their front door. Sometimes Syuusuke is still sweating from the last game he played; his hair is wet at the back of his neck and his smile is accomplished.

"I didn't realise you were coming home today," he says cheerfully as he unlaces his shoes. Yuuta stands over him, staring daggers, saying nothing.

"Dinner won't be ready for a while yet." Yumiko will say, poking her head into the hallway, or if it's not those words exactly, it's usually something else innane to that effect. She will receive a hello and a thank you from Syuusuke, and a tense nod from Yuuta.

Before Syuusuke's shoes are off completely, Yuuta will begin to stamp his way up the stairs, leaving no option for his older brother but to follow.

Though Yuuta reaches the bedroom first, he is the one to linger at the door and lock it. Syuusuke hops onto his bed like he is alone and stretches out, gazing towards his window.

"Nice weather we're having," he will say, though he never really looks. Once it was hailing and he came home soaking wet with the beginnings of light bruises on his cheeks. Yuuta moves until he is standing beside the bed, looking down on Syuusuke.

"Don't talk." Yuuta always says then, crawling onto the bed and swinging his leg over his brother's hips, settling himself on top of Syuusuke.

"I won't if you won't."

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Yuuta, Syuusuke, Tezuka, some eventual Seigaku Regulars. Set during their second year, and originally inspired by this prompt: Synechthry: The state of living together in enmity from the prompt table. Hopefully I'll add more at some point.


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fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters: Syuusuke, Yuuta, Yumiko, Tezuka, Atobe.
inspiration: [ profile] fandom_arcana's Challenge 13 Five of Swords.
notes: Set right before the Hyotei matches. I always wanted to use tarot in fic, and I don't care that it got more literal than maybe it should have. Nightmares rule. This won't make much sense unless you know my theories on the Atobe vs/ Tezuka match ;)

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title: Five Middle School Tennis Clubs Fuji Never Joined (And One He Did) [Part 2/6]
fandom: Prince of Tennis
summary: Fate takes care of itself. What will be will be, and circles eventually follow themselves back round.
notes: One of those Five Things Fics again ;) Fuji-centric. Brought about by his questioning how he and Tezuka might have been if they had gone to rival schools, though that question isn't addressed much here.
part two: In which sometimes, no matter the different choices made, you end up eventually travelling down the same road.

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