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Title: Time-Out
Characters: Izumi Shingo, Ankh.
Wordcount: 1220
Notes: We don't have a hell of a lot of characterization for Shingo, so I improvised a hell of a lot. But he's a cop so I figure that he can read people well, knows the right questions to ask (interrogate XD) ...Not to mention that I think having shared headspace with Ankh for roughly a year there would be little they couldn't say to each other at this point - there were no secrets back then! So hopefully I am justifying this enough <3
Previous: cure for the itch: on LJ / on DW

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characters/pairing(s): girl!Sanada, Yukimura, Yanagi, Rikkai Regulars.
genre: gen, genderswap
wordcount: 2053
notes: Unfinished WIP, not planning to go anywhere further with it, so just posting it up as is :) Written back in January, apparently.

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jail!fic, Sanada apologizes in his own way. Set after everything written so far. 1843 words. THIS IS NOT WHAT I PLANNED TO WRITE :x

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Title: The Path to True Love is a Winding Mess
Fandom: K-On!
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Mio/Azusa, Ritsu, Yui, Mugi, (Ui, Jun).
Word Count: 1144
Prompt: Mio/Azusa, Out of all of Azusa's sempais, Mio-sempai is the only one she really respects.
Notes: Originally posted here @ [community profile] yuri_challenge


Bad enough that it takes Azusa two weeks to gather up the courage to tell Mio-senpai how she feels- )
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title: i like my body when it is with your body
character(s)/pairing(s): Sanada/Atobe
genre: slash, non-graphic smut
rating: hard R
wordcount: 1400
notes/summary: Sanada doesn't get jealous. If he got jealous then he would have to admit he cared, and when it comes to Atobe he really doesn't care. Not like that.
prompt: From [profile] potkinkmeme2011: "Sanada/Atobe; possessiveness+biting. Unf." Originally posted anonymously here. Also, while I'm at it I'm counting this for the bites/bruises square on my kink_bingo card.

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Rikkai gen fic, inspired by this image and travelling on a lot of trains recently. 1626 words. Title from a 31_days prompt: 29 October 2008. intervention.

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title: One Point Shy of Winning
character(s)/pairing(s): Yukimura, Muraoka (OC), Sanada, Yanagi, Rikkai Regulars (OCs).
genre: pre-series, backstory, original character
wordcount: 1153
notes/summary: A series exploring the Rikkai third-years freshman year at Rikkai. Putting together a new team isn't going to be so simple.
previous: Where Do We Begin.


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title: Where Do We Begin
character(s)/pairing(s): Yukimura, Sanada, Yanagi, Muraoka (OC).
genre: pre-series, backstory, original character
wordcount: 1323
notes/summary: Yukimura does his best to be unobtrusive when he enters Rikkaidai Junior School's Tennis Club. First in a series exploring the Rikkai (canon) third-years freshman year at Rikkai.

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Linking to my [ profile] springkink response. FIRST POST THERE, GO ME XD Also, last post today I promise! (Sorry for the spam!)

title: completely, all the way
fandom: Mendol
pairing: Kai (Nami)/Ray
rating: R?
warnings: (shopping for) sex toys, plot holes? And of course, genderfuckery. As if you couldn't see from the prompt.
prompt: June 3RD - Mendol, Kai (Nami)/Ray, genderfuck - Nami isn't sure that she wants to be a star THIS badly.
a/n: Dear requester, be warned before you read: it's just as cracky in premise as the show is. Please be prepared to suspend your belief of reality during the course of reading ;) 1172 Words. Originally posted here.

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title: The Price of Fame
fandom: Prince of Tennis
pairing: Fuji/Yukimura
notes: set in purgatory!verse ([ profile] clubpurgatory). Fuji knows things other people don't. Mostly because he pokes his nose in. 1139 Words.
prompt: [ profile] 31_days: 22 December 2006. Mad Dog/ Don't need a credit card to make my charge complete

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There's a couple of other prompts (that I suspect [ profile] aliaspiral or [ profile] anenko may have prompted!) that I wanted to try too, but I got sick, so I will work on it in the future! ;D

title: Best in Show
fandom: Kimi wa Petto (aka Tramps Like Us)
prompt: (Fandom: Tramps Like Us, Pairing: Momo/Sumire, Kink: leash and collar.)
notes: 1481 Words. Originally posted anonymously at [ profile] springkink for the Valentine's Kink Meme here: Part One, and Part Two

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title: Scar Tissue
fandom: Yasha
characters: Nagae Moichi, Arisue Sei
notes: Prompted by Cyn with five words to include: colorful, waves, gasping, traditional, night, and also using a 31_days prompt (4 March 2008: This scar I carry proudly.) for further idea with the plot ;) 1036 Words.

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title: Establishing Order
fandom: Gokusen
characters: Sawada Shin, Uchiyama Haruhiko.
summary: Set before the drama, in first year. Shin has been expelled from his previous school and taken up at Shirokin.
notes: For Oct/Nov Daily Drabbles, prompt from Cyn: Establishing order (Gokusen, 3-D gang). And I suck at titles so of course I used it ;) 1204 Words.

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So, uhm. WIP, (two female) original characters (unnamed thus far). Just over 1000 words for this part. Second person POV, and I guess if you're interested I'd just like a bit of feedback on a (very) different style. It's been a long time since I tried to work with original characters :) No obligation of course!

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title: (Untitled), Part One.
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters: Rikkai ensemble minus Yagyuu and Kirihara thus far.
summary: This is a memory he cannot recall; knows not where it comes from.
notes: So I intended to take a dip into writing cyberpunk or something like it, but I think my plot is running away with me and I don't know precisely what genre I'd call it now. 2115 Words.

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To Em; February prompt number 28
Tezuka/Fuji - Second date. At a carnival.

Actually written 6th March 2007, cracky second date where the Regulars interfere. Tezuka/Fuji, 1073 Words.


"I suppose you like these kind of things?" Tezuka asked, pushing the flyer for the carnival under Fuji's nose. He had taken quite some time to perfect his aura which made him quite unapproachable, and it had unnerved him a lot to suddenly have the guy, who had not been much older than him, shove the flyer into his hands on the way to school.

"Don't you?" Fuji asked pleasantly in reply, looking up at Tezuka. His gaze managed to be piercing even when his eyes weren't open.

"Ah, I've never been."

"Well then, I'll take you." Fuji said, packing his books into his bag to leave for lunch, slipping an arm through Tezuka's for a moment just to see him squirm away from the closeness. "Don't look so scared, Tezuka. It's a place people go to have fun."


"Fuji, what's this?" Eiji asked, grabbing at the paper sticking out of Fuji's bag. "Oooh, a carnival? Tonight? Are you going?"

"I probably am." Fuji nodded, smiled at his thoughts. He wondered if Tezuka would look down his nose at the childish rides, perhaps jump when on the ghost train. That would be something to see.

"Well if Fujiko's going, I will too!" Eiji grinned. "I'm going to see if Oishi wants to go!"

He seemed to forget class was about to start again in five minutes. Fuji put his hands into his lap and smiled to himself; things like that didn't matter to Eiji. If a certain tennis captain ever got wind of that, laps most certainly would follow.


"I ran into Momo and Taka-san and Ochibi after talking to Oishi about it, and getting a papercut and having to go to the nurse to get a plaster; Oishi makes such a fuss but at least he doesn't faint at blood like Hikata-kun did! And they're all going to come tonight too, isn't that great?" Eiji held a questioning finger to his lips. "I wonder if Inui or Kaidoh might come too if I asked them."

Fuji pressed his lips together, nodded as he tried not to laugh and wondered when it had become Eiji's tennis club trip instead of his and Tezuka's date.

Tezuka was not going to be amused. But then, he rarely ever was.


"Ah, everyone's finally here!" Eiji grinned as Fuji and Tezuka made their way up to the group. Until they had gotten into plain sight, Fuji had been practically dragging Tezuka along by the arm, warning him tactfully about the entourage that would be accompanying them all of a sudden. Luckily it was all Eiji's fault, and he could say so with a completely straight face. "I'm surprised you convinced Tezuka-buchou to come, Fujiko!"

"We all have our price." Fuji said with a mysterious smile. And was promptly drowned out by four different voices simultaneously picking out rides to go on.

"Ghost Train!"



"Ferris Wheel!"

"Look, we can all split up and meet up later for snacks." Fuji said quickly, stepping closer to Tezuka. "Just decide who wants to go where."

He kept purposely silent until everyone else had chosen so that he might pick somewhere for he and Tezuka that they could be alone. Eiji and Momo insisted on dragging Oishi and Echizen onto the Ghost Train, and Kaidoh and Kawamura were happy to tag-along with Inui so that he could use their tennis skills to determine how to win on the Hoopla.

"Well, I want to go on the Ferris Wheel first," Fuji smiled in a way that made people close their mouths against arguing, though they couldn't quite figure out why. "So we'll see you guys later."

No-one questioned Tezuka's silence, or how Fuji had decided they were going on it together. Eiji and Momo had already run off, Oishi picking up the pace to chase after them and Echizen muttering as he followed like he had allthe time in the world. Kawamura was trying to get Kaidoh to speak up, since Inui's nose was firmly between the pages of his notebook.

"I dislike this place already." Tezuka muttered. Fuji smiled and pretended he hadn't heard.


"It doesn't look very safe." Tezuka said as they stood in the queue. The woman in front turned to glare as her son's eyes grew wide and he began to question the way the seats were suspended.

"Tezuka, shush." Fuji said, and pulled a lollipop out of his bag, checking with the displeased mother before offering it to her child.

"Do you always carry sweets to bribe children with?" Tezuka enquired.

"No, but I'll be making a habit of it when I'm with you in future I think."


The inside of the car was not as nice as the outside would lead you to believe. Leftover drink cartons were the least of the problem. Fuji tried not to breathe in too deeply, warning himself that the scent he could smell just possibly might be urine. Now that wouldn't go down well.

Instead he sat down and placed his bag on the floor instead of inbetween himself and Tezuka.

"Just wait til we get to the top." He said brightly. Tezuka looked a little pale at the thought. Fuji had never stopped to wonder if Tezuka might be afraid of heights; it seemed like such a silly thing, for the captain of the tennis team to be scared of heights.

So silly he didn't want to voice the question. Not for one second did he believe he would get a response even if he did ask anyway.


"It's so pretty." Fuji sighed, watching as the sky got closer little by little. They were still letting people onto the empty cars. He had a sudden urge to get up and touch the glass of the window, even if he couldn't reach the actual stars.

The car rocked a little beneath his feet, but he didn't think anything of it until Tezuka's hand caught his arm.

"Please don't do that." He said, his voice rough.


"Shake the car. I already said it didn't seem safe."

"But Tezuka!" Fuji wanted to laugh it as so absurd. "You saw it moving when we were in the line, it's been used hundreds of times and it works the way it's supposed to! Everything is fine."

"Well I'm not used to it." Tezuka said.

Fuji nodded acceptance, and curled his fingers around Tezuka's as he sat back down to try and ignore the way they still itched.



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