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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger fic, for Noey: Doppelgangland!AU, Basco/Ahim. 436 Words. (I'm sorry the end sucks but I hope the rest makes up for it <3)

(Is it even an R rating or do I suck that much? 8D)


in waking dreams


Basco isn't ashamed to admit (but only to himself) that he indulges in fantasy.

He likes the idea of walking out of the kitchen one time, trapping hime-chan against a wall and leaning in- )
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(I was watching ep46 again and having all the feelings. So out came the fic!) Ankh, Hina, spoilers for episode 46 (duhhhh). 193 words.


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title: A Lady and her Butler [2/?]
character(s)/pairing(s): Fujiko, Nezu
genre: het
wordcount: 512
summary: Every lady requires something different from her butler. And every butler has his own reason for serving his lady.
notes: There's no canon (that I can remember) that mentions Fujiko's family so all "facts" are made up by me in order to justify her characterization.
previous: Part One [Izumi, Kiba] |

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title: Role-Reversal
character(s)/pairing(s): Mei/Rihito
genre: het, non-explicit but suggestive
wordcount: 434
notes: Just a little snippet I wrote based on a [ profile] springkink prompt that I didn’t plan on posting. But I still have it on my computer which means I hung onto it for a reason!
prompt: [ profile] springkink: March 6; Mei-chan no Shitsuji (drama), Rihito/Mei: role reversal "It's my job to anticipate your every desire, isn't it?

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title: a long road
fandom: Coffee Prince
pairing: Choi Han Kyul/Go Eun Chan.
rating: PG. Utter fluff. Spoilers for the end of the series.
484 Words.

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So this is definitely not what I thought I'd end up writing first. But I have a lot of issues to work through with this drama (mostly of the "WHAT ARE YOUR MOTIVATIONS HERE? I NO UNDERSTANDING!" kind), and it is definitely going to be done through writing. Which is cool with me!

Mei, Izumi, Kiba. Tea-time. Spoilers for the second half of the drama. 574 Words. Prompt: [ profile] 31_days, 6 January 2008


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title: Yamaguchi-Anti-Cupid
fandom: Gokusen
characters: Yamaguchi Kumiko(/)Sawada Shin, Noda Takeshi(/)Fujiyama Shizuka, and others.
rating: pg-13 or something.
summary: Noda is working his way towards a date with Fujiyama-sensei, Yankumi is working at being the ultimate anti-Cupid, and Shin is just wishing he wasn't caught up in the whole mess (as usual).
wordcount: 6973 words. HOLY CRAP. I haven't written a fic of this many words in ABSOLUTELY AGES.
notes: Just so you know, this story has been in existence since June 2008. It has taken THIS LONG to tame the beast! I kind of hate it a little bit now, but I wanted it done before the year was up :x

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I stole all the Criminal Minds prompts I thought I might have a chance of writing from Porn Battle 7, but I'm not porning them just yet I'm afraid. I just like prompts :D
483 Words.


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