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     Day One LJ/DW
[They discover soon enugh that sharing a few words during class leads everyone to assume they are friends.]
     Where Do We Begin LJ/DW
[Yukimura does his best to be unobtrusive when he enters Rikkaidai Junior School's Tennis Club.]
     One Point Shy of Winning LJ/DW
[Putting together a new team isn't going to be so simple.]
     More Than Meets The Eye LJ/DW
[There are many unspoken secrets - and not-secrets - lurking beneath the surface of the tennis club.]
     (Lack of) Discretion LJ/DW
["If you won't play a match against me you'll never know for certain who is better between us," Sanada says.]
     Fealty LJ/DW
[His club. Although he only thinks it to himself, Yukimura knows that even that is dangerous.]
     Pre-Monarchy LJ/DW
[Where now are kings and where/ are the men who passed this way before you?]
     A Guise of Gentle Words LJ/DW
[The troika plan to hang out.]
     Two Kings LJ/DW
["Now." Tezuka insists, and hangs up. He did not pick up the habit from Yukimura, it simply began with him.]

     Defeat LJ/DW
[During their second year, when everyone but everyone is well aware of who they are and what their skill level is, and they are above a good amount of members age-wise, Yukimura feels he can finally be the captain he should be.]
     Accept and Endure LJ/DW
[Niou gets these feelings sometimes, a sort of aching like a dream forgotten on waking.]
     Play and Be Played LJ/DW
[Yukimura has this habit of leaving things unsaid; he is so used to seeing the meaning behind unspoken words that he forgets not everyone is as aware as he.]
     Intuition, Analysis, Emotion LJ/DW
[Later on, once practice is settled back into normalcy again and ended some time later, Yanagi can't help having regrets.]
     Bring You to Your Knees LJ/DW
["Until you're the best you can just do as you're told," Yukimura says with finality when he realises Kirihara isn't going to answer back this time. ]
     Metamorphosis LJ/DW
[What most people don't know is that Niou actually does need glasses. It's just that he prefers contact lenses for most everything, especially playing tennis.]
     Intervention LJ/DW
["Akaya, it's not polite to hog," Yukimura says absently as he follows, but looking around he notices nobody else is even in the carriage. "Oh, alright." ]
(Yukimura's collapse)
     Abridged Part 1 LJ/DW [Abridged Commentary LJ/DW]
[One thing he does not forsee in the scenario, however, are the first words out of Yukimura's mouth during his and Genichirou's fourth visit; the first in which Yukimura is not sleeping.]
     Collapse LJ/DW
["How can you be so calm?!" Sanada demands at Yukimura in his hospital bed. "You just collapsed!"]
     Sick With Worry LJ/DW
[Walking into a training session he has almost completely missed is one of the hardest things Sanada has ever had to do.]
     Down the River Styx LJ/DW
[The hospital is never silent, not even in the dead of night.]
     We Gamble To Be Born Again LJ/DW
[Yukimura pulls out a couple of dice from beneath his pillow.]

     Jishin LJ/DW
["We won!" Everyone except Sanada choruses. "Of course," Sanada then adds on. Yukimura nods and smiles.]
     Resurrection LJ/DW
[When he wakes up from a successful surgery, Yukimura is amazed to the point of laughter when his team burst into tears around him.]
     Repetition LJ/DW
[Same continuity as Resurrection, but not in first person this time. Yukimura isn't done talking things out with Sanada.]
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Set a year before POT canon during Another Story EP4, dialogue lifted from the episode. A non-debate on how to deal with Kirihara Akaya. 422 Words. Originally posted here.


Intuition, Analysis, Emotion.


Later on, once practice is settled back into normalcy again and ended some time later, Yanagi can't help having regrets. He approaches Yukimura only when everyone else is gone to talk about the freshman who upset the day's practice, if only momentarily.

"Was what we did wise?"

"You worry too much," Yukimura says. "About things you don't have data for. Why don't you go and look him up? Kirihara Akaya; he told Marui he's well-known on the junior circuit."


"Kirihara Akaya," Yanagi says, placing his book down open on the desk and pushing it in Yukimura's direction. "Is a very talented player. It's good that he has come to Rikkai. We can make him better than talented; we can make him exceptional. As good as any one of us."

"Better?" Yukimura asks pointedly. He always thinks to the future, to making sure Rikkai does not go downhill without them once they are gone, even though it is only the beginning of second year. Leaving a legacy behind is just as important as the accomplishments they achieve now.

"Should we approach him?" Yanagi asks cautiously. He says 'we' because he does not want to volunteer himself for the job, and doesn't know if Yukimura might prefer to do it anyway. Or if it is wise at all.

"Leave him; he'll come back. If he's serious about becoming the best he won't be able to keep away."


The only thing Yukimura is concerned about in regards to Kirihara is where Sanada stands. He watches over the freshman as they do their drills but his mind is clearly elsewhere.

"That boy didn't come today, either," Yukimura says as he leans against the gate. Sanada barely turns to meet his eyes, but that's not unusual; knowing he is so easy to read means it's much safer for Sanada to keep his expressions out of Yukimura and Yanagi's direct sight.

"When someone disturbs the observance of order, he is not qualified to join the Rikkai Tennis Club," Sanada says simply. Yukimura may be content for the team to cause chaos around him, but Sanada cannot handle it. The last thing they need is another undisciplined player.

"I see," Yukimura replies. This he had expected.

"However," Sanada continues, and Yukimura had expected this, too. "Talent... Isn't something I can let alone."

Yukimura chuckles to himself. Sanada is prepared to give the boy a chance, so long as he finds the discipline to bring himself back. It's reassuring to know they are all on the same page after all, the three of them.

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To Em; February prompt number 16
Fuji/Atobe - “Enemies make you stronger, allies make you weaker.”

Unfinished, 401 Words.


When Fuji is young in Chiba, in elementary school setting traps with Saeki and picking out pictures in clouds, he sees why people make such a fuss about having friends. When his family moves it hurts to say goodbye, but a little feeling in his chest tells Fuji it was worth it.

At Seigaku he has no time for friends when he joins the tennis club, and the tennis club members only share one common interest at most. It doesn't stop some of them attempting conversation and meeting up for lunch outside of the club, but Fuji soon learns there is a difference.

Eiji, for example, he lets nearby, because Eiji is warm enough and self-focused enough not to notice he gives all and receives little in return. Taka-san gives small but intense smiles and always has nice things to say; even when Fuji is clearly not playing his best Taka will praise and compliment him when he wins his match regardless. Fuji realises Taka cannot see the difference, and that if he does, then friendship must mean never hurting your friend's feelings, even if it might be the best thing for them. Even if it means lying to them.

Fuji vows never to call Tezuka 'friend'.


Atobe Keigo has an unhealthy obsession with Tezuka, and since Fuji is the only second-year to immediately become a Regular along with Tezuka when school starts up again, he is the only one to witness it at matches away against Hyotei.

Fuji knows how the match will end before it starts, and contents himself with watching Atobe watching Tezuka instead. It makes him want to laugh, because they are both so oblivious; Atobe is right across the other side of the court and Fuji can still see the want. They don't meet officially that time, or get near to one another, but Atobe meets Fuji's eyes at one point, and they read his smile. Atobe frowns in a most unsophisticated manner.

This is when Fuji begins to suspect you should keep your enemies closer than your friends.


"You can tell him from me that I'm not interested." Tezuka says eventually. Not so oblivious after all, then.

"I hope you're not suggesting I take the bullet for you," Fuji says lightly, smiles, laughs a little.

The next time they play a match against Hyotei, on home ground this time, Fuji is still thinking about it.

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Yuuta, Syuusuke, Tezuka, some eventual Seigaku Regulars. Set during their second year, and originally inspired by this prompt: Synechthry: The state of living together in enmity from the prompt table. Hopefully I'll add more at some point.


+++++ )
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title: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
pairing: Fuji/Saeki
summary: Two friends and their first sexual encounters with one another ;)
inspiration: prompt table prompt 018. Gunsel: The orally passive member of a homosexual union.
notes: 1547 words.

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Set during second year, Yukimura collapses (again? This is probably set after Abridged which was the first time), 363 words. Originally from here (LJ)/here (DW).




"How can you be so calm?!" Sanada demands at Yukimura in his hospital bed. "You just collapsed!"

"Well, it seems like one of us should be calm about it." Yukimura replies. "And you chose your position on the issue first."

"Even if I was calm about it, it wouldn't make you lose it," Sanada says almost sulkily. It makes Yukimura smile a little, despite everything.

"No, you're right," Yukimura agrees. "But I don't know anything yet, and until I know what is going on I'm in the best place; probably right now while we're talking, they're doing tests using all that blood they drew." Sanada pulls a face.

"Yeah," he says, "that wasn't fun to watch."

Yukimura laughs this time.

"No-one made you watch!" He says. "In fact, if I remember rightly, they asked you to leave the room."

"Yeah well, nobody tells me what to do," Sanada replies, folding his arms across his chest.

"You would have had to go if I hadn't requested that you be allowed stay," Yukimura points out. He doesn't find out what Sanada's reply to that is, because a doctor steps into the room and they both fall silent. He introduces himself and begins to ask Yukimura questions.

"Have you in the recent past had the flu, or food poisoning maybe? Or any minor surgery?"

"Minor surgery?" Yukimura asks in surprise. "No. I had a stomach bug a little while ago, which when I think about it could've been food poisoning... Do you suspect something?"

"We have a few alleyways to explore." The doctor replies non-commitally. "What about numbness or tingling in your fingers or toes? Or in your arms and legs?"

"I play tennis daily, for long periods at a time if necessary. A little tingling or numbness wouldn't really register to me."

"He did say he couldn't feel his legs just before he collapsed, though," Sanada says suddenly.

"I did?" Yukimura asks. "I don't remember that. I don't remember much though."

"So you can feel them now?" The doctor asks. He moves down the bed and removes the cover at the end to expose Yukimura's feet. The doctor squeezes Yukimura's big toe. "You feel that?"

Sanada looks at Yukimura when he doesn't answer immediately; Yukimura just looks thoughtful.

"Actually, I don't."

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281 words, set during second year. Originally from here (LJ)/here (DW).




Their first year, although they dominate, Yukimura does not let Sanada, Yanagi, or himself raise themselves above their elders to the point of disrespect, easy as it would be. Not that Yukimura believes they would anyway; Sanada has himself invested too much in acting correctly and properly, and Yanagi is not stupid. During their second year, when everyone but everyone is well aware of who they are and what their skill level is, and they are above a good amount of members age-wise, Yukimura feels he can finally be the captain he should be.

And he can let Sanada be the vice-captain in whatever way he deems acceptable. They have built up a sort-of unspoken connection between them wherein Sanada knows when to speak for Yukimura, and when to let the captain make his prescence felt. He does this little, to make its effect lasting.

The first time Sanada attempts to lash out at a teammate for losing, it is during their own training session. Yukimura had felt the string of tension inside Sanada stretching tighter and tighter throughout the day, as had Yanagi, and so he is there well in advance to stay Sanada's hand before he can make contact with flesh.

"Sanada, this is just a practice match; someone from our own team will ultimately lose." Yukimura says slowly and precisely. "Save it for the official tournament, if necessary." Sanada takes a breath and nods.

"You mean you would've let him hit someone for losing if this was an official tournament?!" Niou bursts out. Yukimura looks over at him through narrowed eyes, and Niou begins to wish he hadn't spoken.

"I'm sorry..." Yukimura says coldly, "Did you just say that defeat was acceptable?"

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fandom: Prince Of Tennis
pairing(s)/characters: Tezuka/Fuji, Sanada/Yukimura, Yanagi, Echizen, Tachibana, Kirihara.
prompt: "I never knew my journey began, And ended with you my friend, Softer than your butterfly kisses, And stronger than my desire, I wanna thank you my friend, For making me feel alive." - What You Like, Darren Hayes
notes: 5564 Words. For January's Fluffy Relationships Challenge, but I want you to have it now, as a birthday present, Cyn :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE IT! FANGIRL IT! SQUEE YOUR HEART OUT! ;)


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Prompt table, condensed from here. Sources cited in that post; just find the appropriate prompt under it's original number.

001.Five shades of white.
( a. IVORY
e. SNOWY )
002. Everything you ever wished for. 003. The effect of impact on stationary objects. 004. Your pretty blue eyes are just stained glass. 005.As long as you're mine.
006.A dark heart, beating. 007.Beneath these hands. 008.The heart of your gesture. 009. Hard, but much truer. 010. Eyes meeting over the noise.
011. The possibility of zero. 012.In praise of surfaces. 013.Tomorrow is something we remember. 014. these children-no-longer-children. 015. a fine line between genius and insanity.
016. many nameless virtues. 017.A lie told often enough becomes the truth. 018.who can not forgive himself. 019. I had to be the good one. 020.the language of the visionary and the idealist.
021.Writer's Choice #1: Under Glass 022.Writer's Choice #2: Crossroads 023.Writer's Choice #3: Hunger 024.Writer's Choice #4: Finding New Prey 025.Writer's Choice #5: Winners Take Chances

Prince Of Tennis; Tezuka/Fuji mostly, whether it's paired, gen, or mixed with others.



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