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To Em; the last alternate prompt for you :*

Tezuka/Fuji - Before you ask me, I want to tell you something.

You can do it in geisha!verse or in canon!verse or whatever ;)

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2007-03-08 03:01 pm UTC
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Canon!verse; set after episodes 39&40 - the infamous duel in the rain ;)


"Tezuka, has the desire to see my true strength overcome the desire to unleash it yourself?"

No answer is forthcoming. Fuji meets Tezuka's eyes and damns the pride that stills his tongue.

"You play with a healed arm, you give everyone the best of your strength. You could have put us into the same block in the last ranking match, but you were too concerned with another issue. This time it's you pushing us away."

He wonders if he should turn and make for the door; it doesn't ever take many words to get his meaning across. But before he can take that action, Tezuka is pressing his palm to the door and forcing it to stay shut.

"I'm not pushing you away." He says roughly.

"No, you're just trying to push me onwards, as ever. But this time you couldn't even do it yourself, you had to send in reinforcements!" Fuji laughs and it tastes bitter on his tongue. "Did you think we would break each others barriers at the same time and fulfil your intentions? I don't respond well to manipulations, Tezuka. I use them. I knew what you were doing as well as what he was doing during the match."

"It was worth a try." Tezuka shrugs. There's never any apologies. Tezuka will never make moves he may later come to regret. It's almost admirable.

"You could at least thank me for doing you a favour in regards to Echizen." Fuji says, folding arms across his chest and leaning against the door. "His frustration sets a fire under him. It's wonderful to watch. The only thing I wonder is why he wanted to beat me so badly. Because of my reputation? Or does he see me as a stepping stone to you?"


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2007-03-12 01:28 am UTC
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Wahhh....i can SOOOO imagine this happening (behind the scenes...coz they had to cut it out)....

Fuji, you're soo perceptive..of course surpassing your reputation isn't all that Ryoma wants. We all know that he's trying to get rid of the competition for Tezuka's attentions. C'mon Fuji, go stake your claim! ^_^

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To Em; February prompt number 28
Tezuka/Fuji - Second date. At a carnival.

Actually written 6th March 2007, cracky second date where the Regulars interfere. Tezuka/Fuji, 1073 Words.


"I suppose you like these kind of things?" Tezuka asked, pushing the flyer for the carnival under Fuji's nose. He had taken quite some time to perfect his aura which made him quite unapproachable, and it had unnerved him a lot to suddenly have the guy, who had not been much older than him, shove the flyer into his hands on the way to school.

"Don't you?" Fuji asked pleasantly in reply, looking up at Tezuka. His gaze managed to be piercing even when his eyes weren't open.

"Ah, I've never been."

"Well then, I'll take you." Fuji said, packing his books into his bag to leave for lunch, slipping an arm through Tezuka's for a moment just to see him squirm away from the closeness. "Don't look so scared, Tezuka. It's a place people go to have fun."


"Fuji, what's this?" Eiji asked, grabbing at the paper sticking out of Fuji's bag. "Oooh, a carnival? Tonight? Are you going?"

"I probably am." Fuji nodded, smiled at his thoughts. He wondered if Tezuka would look down his nose at the childish rides, perhaps jump when on the ghost train. That would be something to see.

"Well if Fujiko's going, I will too!" Eiji grinned. "I'm going to see if Oishi wants to go!"

He seemed to forget class was about to start again in five minutes. Fuji put his hands into his lap and smiled to himself; things like that didn't matter to Eiji. If a certain tennis captain ever got wind of that, laps most certainly would follow.


"I ran into Momo and Taka-san and Ochibi after talking to Oishi about it, and getting a papercut and having to go to the nurse to get a plaster; Oishi makes such a fuss but at least he doesn't faint at blood like Hikata-kun did! And they're all going to come tonight too, isn't that great?" Eiji held a questioning finger to his lips. "I wonder if Inui or Kaidoh might come too if I asked them."

Fuji pressed his lips together, nodded as he tried not to laugh and wondered when it had become Eiji's tennis club trip instead of his and Tezuka's date.

Tezuka was not going to be amused. But then, he rarely ever was.


"Ah, everyone's finally here!" Eiji grinned as Fuji and Tezuka made their way up to the group. Until they had gotten into plain sight, Fuji had been practically dragging Tezuka along by the arm, warning him tactfully about the entourage that would be accompanying them all of a sudden. Luckily it was all Eiji's fault, and he could say so with a completely straight face. "I'm surprised you convinced Tezuka-buchou to come, Fujiko!"

"We all have our price." Fuji said with a mysterious smile. And was promptly drowned out by four different voices simultaneously picking out rides to go on.

"Ghost Train!"



"Ferris Wheel!"

"Look, we can all split up and meet up later for snacks." Fuji said quickly, stepping closer to Tezuka. "Just decide who wants to go where."

He kept purposely silent until everyone else had chosen so that he might pick somewhere for he and Tezuka that they could be alone. Eiji and Momo insisted on dragging Oishi and Echizen onto the Ghost Train, and Kaidoh and Kawamura were happy to tag-along with Inui so that he could use their tennis skills to determine how to win on the Hoopla.

"Well, I want to go on the Ferris Wheel first," Fuji smiled in a way that made people close their mouths against arguing, though they couldn't quite figure out why. "So we'll see you guys later."

No-one questioned Tezuka's silence, or how Fuji had decided they were going on it together. Eiji and Momo had already run off, Oishi picking up the pace to chase after them and Echizen muttering as he followed like he had allthe time in the world. Kawamura was trying to get Kaidoh to speak up, since Inui's nose was firmly between the pages of his notebook.

"I dislike this place already." Tezuka muttered. Fuji smiled and pretended he hadn't heard.


"It doesn't look very safe." Tezuka said as they stood in the queue. The woman in front turned to glare as her son's eyes grew wide and he began to question the way the seats were suspended.

"Tezuka, shush." Fuji said, and pulled a lollipop out of his bag, checking with the displeased mother before offering it to her child.

"Do you always carry sweets to bribe children with?" Tezuka enquired.

"No, but I'll be making a habit of it when I'm with you in future I think."


The inside of the car was not as nice as the outside would lead you to believe. Leftover drink cartons were the least of the problem. Fuji tried not to breathe in too deeply, warning himself that the scent he could smell just possibly might be urine. Now that wouldn't go down well.

Instead he sat down and placed his bag on the floor instead of inbetween himself and Tezuka.

"Just wait til we get to the top." He said brightly. Tezuka looked a little pale at the thought. Fuji had never stopped to wonder if Tezuka might be afraid of heights; it seemed like such a silly thing, for the captain of the tennis team to be scared of heights.

So silly he didn't want to voice the question. Not for one second did he believe he would get a response even if he did ask anyway.


"It's so pretty." Fuji sighed, watching as the sky got closer little by little. They were still letting people onto the empty cars. He had a sudden urge to get up and touch the glass of the window, even if he couldn't reach the actual stars.

The car rocked a little beneath his feet, but he didn't think anything of it until Tezuka's hand caught his arm.

"Please don't do that." He said, his voice rough.


"Shake the car. I already said it didn't seem safe."

"But Tezuka!" Fuji wanted to laugh it as so absurd. "You saw it moving when we were in the line, it's been used hundreds of times and it works the way it's supposed to! Everything is fine."

"Well I'm not used to it." Tezuka said.

Fuji nodded acceptance, and curled his fingers around Tezuka's as he sat back down to try and ignore the way they still itched.

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prompt: Geisha!fic; "A ribbon around her throat."
date: 15th February
characters: Fuji, Tezuka.
notes: 491 words. Features cross-dressing. An intrusion.

+++++ )

challenge: [ profile] pot500's Festivals Challenge, #7.
characters: Fuji, Tezuka.
notes: Geisha!fic, not in the prompt list! 176 words. Features cross-dressing. Written on 18th February. Attending a Hanami*.

+++++ )

prompt: Geisha!fic; "find a face behind our lipstick smiles".
date: 19th February
characters: Fuji, Tezuka.
notes: 458 words. Features cross-dressing. There are many different levels of disguise and deception.

+++++ )

prompt: Geisha!fic; "Promise me to pass the time/Dance with me on plastic tears/Kiss me, We won't feel alone/Till morning when we disappear."
date: 22nd February
characters: Fuji, Tezuka.
notes: 662 words. Features cross-dressing. A farce.

+++++ )
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To Em; February prompt number 24
Seigaku gen fic, with undertones of pairings. Snow and hot chocolate.
(Originally I had planned for something Oishi/Eiji here, but I changed my mind. XD )

Seigaku gen, skiing trip as a means of training (any excuse!). 1336 Words. Unfinished.


"Number Seven; skiing will improve co-ordination." Inui says, peering down his nose to read the list in his notebook. Eiji opens his mouth to ask how long the list is, so he can work out how long to tune out for, just as Momo opens his mouth to refute items two, four and five on Inui's list so far.

Ryuzaki-sensei feels a nudge in her side that brings the boys to her attention, and speaks before they can.

"Number Eight; you're going because I said so!" She barks. "I don't know why you always have to protest against training in new places! People going skiing on their vacations; it will be fun!"

Eiji and Momo give each other commiserating looks, but each is glad the other didn't get a chance to drown them out. Ryuzaki glares as the team leaves to get changed after practice, wondering how on earth someone could elbow her when there was no-one standing on her left-hand side. She, as most people on the team would, firmly suspects Fuji.


"How did you manage it?" Tezuka asks. His way of asking a question with no curiosity in it at all is unrivaled, Fuji thinks to himself.

"You'll have to be more specific, Tezuka." He says, lowering his head further over his books to hide the widening smile on his face.

Tezuka drops a sheet of paper over Fuji's work; it is the room assignments for the ski-trip. They are sharing a room for three, along with Inui.

"Ryuzaki-sensei said something about keeping an eye on you." Tezuka says flatly. "Why I have to be the one to do so I have no idea. But then, she also mentioned considering having Inui do the job instead, until she realised together you could overthrow the universe, beginning with the ski lodge."

"She's too kind."

"So now you'll simply be overthrowing the peace while I'm trying to sleep."


"Hmm," Oishi says, standing outside the door to his room and puzzling over the sleeping arrangments while Eiji peers over his shoulder. "I assumed I would share a room with Tezuka."

"Well you can't be unhappy, Oishi!" Eiji smiles. "You have me!"

"And Kaidoh too." Oishi nods. He lowers his voice and speaks to himself. "At least he'll be no trouble."

"Taka-san gets to room with Momo and Ochibi!" Eiji points out, pouting. "I want to! I bet they end up doing all kinds of fun stuff while we're asleep. Midnight snacks and exploring... Taka won't appreciate it at all!"

"Maybe Ryuzaki-sensei is hoping Taka-san will be a calming influence on them." Oishi says gently. Then wonders if she is hoping Oishi and Kaidoh will do the same in regards to Eiji.


The team lines up with their rented skis; Tezuka at one end in Seigaku blue, and Echizen at the other trying to peer out from under the huge woolen hat Momo had pulled down over his face after he had put his padded gloves on and been unable to stop him. Inui is somewhere towards one end, wearing a hilarious get-up that he insists, over the sniggers, is fully insulated and keeping him warmer than the rest of them put together.

"The Beginners Trail is that way," Oishi points as Ryuzaki waves goodbye and heads for the Intermediate Trail. "And there are instructors there, too." He begins to tread awkwardly across the snow, and everyone follows. Almost everyone.

"Fuji, aren't you coming?" Inui enquires politely. Fuji shakes his head and smiles.

"I'm going to warm myself up." He says, and heads in a different direction to both the team and Ryuzaki-sensei. He heads for the Advanced Trail.

"He's not serious?"

"Fuji has been skiing before?"

"Did you know that?"

"Data suggests Fuji would not pretend to attempt something he was not capable of." Inui rattles off. The look on his face indicates that he wishes he could witness Fuji's skill on the slopes.


Fuji takes the Advanced Trail on, slowly at first, a few times. If he slows down enough about two thirds of the way down he gets a great view of the Professional Slope. He looks at it longingly, and wonders if he's being brave, stupid, or just forcing boredom upon himself.

Just once, he tells himself. I'll try it just once at a fair speed so that I don't get in anyone's way, but slow enough that I'll be able to react if I sense danger coming. Just once, and nobody needs to know.

When he reaches the bottom one skiier glares at him for being too slow and forcing him to end without a flourish, and another peers at him with concerned eyes, as though gathering from his size that he is only a teen. But he has made it, and that is what counts.

Tomorrow maybe, he thinks to himself, I'll attempt it again.

But for the rest of that day, he will stay on the Advanced Route. No need to tempt fate. And showing off has never been his thing.

When he takes the lift back to the Advanced Trail, he finds someone stood waiting at the top.

"Tezuka?" He says, hardly able to believe it. "I thought you were on the Beginner's Trail?"

"I learn fast." Tezuka says in reply.


"That was not fun!" Eiji insists, collapsing into a comfy chair back in the lodge late afternoon time. "I fell on my face more times than I can count! Acrobatics don't work in the snow!"

"I could've told you that before you wasted an entire day endeavouring to find that out." Inui says, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.

"And!" Eiji continues. "I am cold! Why aren't you cold, Inui?"

"I already explained that," Inui says, biting back a sigh. He repeats the complex layering of his outfit, explaining how the various weaves keep in heat and the extra layers create more room for air and warm air particles. Eiji's eyes droop and he begins to wish he had never asked.

Oishi saves him by handing over a cup of hot chocolate, which Eiji jumps up to reach for and waits until Oishi sits down to jump into his lap. Promptly spilling both of their drinks. Oishi grimaces and nudges Eiji off, dragging him along to get another two cups full.

"I got you a hot chocolate also, Tezuka." Fuji says softly, smiling as he offers out the cup. Tezuka stares at it as though it offends him. He looks as though he is going to refuse it, but then something in the expression on Fuji's face changes his mind. If there is anything in it he is going to regret having tasted, surely it is better than saying no and dealing with Fuji's wrath.

When he reaches out to take the cup from Fuji, their fingers interlace for just a moment.


Tezuka is just drifting off to sleep when he hears it. Three beds in a row and Fuji is the one in the middle, claiming it before the more sensible suggestion of Inui taking it could be voiced. He speaks towards his right, towards Inui, but his voice is purposely loud enough that Tezuka on his other side will hear it too, Tezuka knows that for a fact.

"So, Inui," Fuji asks, causing Tezuka to open just one eye as though it will help him hear better. "Naturally the first step is to gain the trust of the staff and work our way up to the owner... Have you ascertained the location of his rooms yet?"

Tezuka bolts upright and reaches out to the nightstand in the dark, fumbling for his glasses. As his fingers touch them he hears Fuji's light laughter, and even Inui's reluctant chortling. His face burns red in the dark and he is thankful for the darkness. He lays back down without a word, cursing Fuji, Inui, and Ryuzaki-sensei for putting him here in the first place. Oishi also, for not contesting the room assignments; surely usually they would have roomed together?

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To Em; February prompt number 20
Yagyuu/Niou - Spying.
ALT: Nanjiroh-centric - I want something with Nanjiroh/Ryoma interaction (doesn't have to be sexual) about 'growing up.' Can involve any of Ryoma's teammates.

Between his father and his teammates, life is difficult for Echizen Ryoma. 1379 Words.


Somehow or another, though Ryoma avoids it like the plague, every single member of the tennis team manages to visit his house at some point. When it was Buchou, Ryoma's legs shook the entire time, even though Oishi-sempai was there too. He kept pushing them into the next room and the next room because his father kept coming in to interrupt, and the last thing he needed was for Buchou and his father to meet.

That just couldn't happen.

"Hiding something from me, boy?" Nanjiroh leered after Ryoma had pushed the front gates firmly shut behind Tezuka-Buchou and Oishi-sempai. "What, or who, is it you don't want your old dad to see? Not a girl, is it?"

"No, don't be stupid." Ryoma replied, walking past his dad with his nose in the air. It wasn't until he reached his room that his control faltered and his legs gave out on him.

Close, so close.


Momo is always at Ryoma's house, and when they are together, they play tennis a lot. That isn't unusual. Ryoma doesn't have books, just tennis magazines, and he doesn't play computer or video games much.

Sometimes Ryoma feels the leacherous stare of his father on him as they play. That is unusual. He focuses his eyes more sharply on Momo and lets him win some points, just not too many. Let the old man see that he is worth something, he can beat his teammate, the one older than him who comes round all the time on his bicycle and calls Ryoma 'friend'.

Ryoma thinks his father has no friends, after all. He wins the match, and Momo takes it in his stride, because he knows now that Ryoma is better than he is. He evolves his skills much faster. In fact, his smile isn't just easy, sometimes Ryoma thinks he sees something like... pride there. He's seen that look from his mother, but never from his father.

"You won't get any better playing someone who is no challenge." Nanjiroh says. The sun is setting, Momo is long gone, and Ryoma's feet have made themselves walk out the back door near to the steps his father is sitting on. "Shall we play a match, Ryoma?"

"Whatever." He replies, but his feet are already making to follow his father's footsteps.


Eiji-sempai has been to Ryoma's house with Momo a couple of times, mostly after a huge pig-out on burgers, because they insist they can't walk too far, and Ryoma's home is closest. Tezuka-Buchou and Oishi-sempai came out of concern and obligation to the team. Kaidoh and Inui-sempai have not come to his house at all, though Ryoma thinks Kaidoh-sempai jogs somewhere near the house in the hope that Karupin will sneak through the bushes and adventure close to his running route. He doesn't say anything.

When Kawamura-sempai comes by, it is a complete accident. Nobody warned Ryoma they had ordered sushi in, and so when he opens the door and sees Kawamura-sempai standing there with a package in his hands, he does not know what to say. Kawamura holds up the package feebly, with a hesitant smile, and lets Ryoma see the 'Kawamura Sushi!' on the side of the box.

"My father asked me to deliver some take-out because our delivery person is on another trip, and stuck in traffic." He explains. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise it would be you. You never told us where you lived."

"It doesn't matter." Ryoma mumbles, and invites Kawamura-sempai in, thinking he will refuse. To his surprise, Kawamura-sempai does go inside for a while, but not for long because he is probably needed back at the shop. He peers around the hall and the kitchen with interest, as Ryoma's mother and cousin unpack the food and divide up the portions for everyone.

"He seemed like such a nice boy," Ryoma's mother says when Kawamura-sempai is gone. "Very polite, if a little shy. Maybe you should invite him back sometime."

"Mmm." Ryoma replies, not intending to at all. That was even weirder than Oishi-sempai being at his house, even weirder than Tezuka-Buchou.

"What's this I hear?" Nanjiroh asks, bounding into the kitchen and sniffing the air appreciatively. "Ryoma has a polite friend? He must be growing up!"

"I'm eating now." Ryoma says, taking his plate and walking away from the whole situation.

If he were to list the events in order of weirdness, which in his head he technically already has, then Fuji-sempai's visit to Ryoma's house is weirdest of all. For a start, there is no reason for it. Everyone else has had a reason.

"I just felt like it," he shrugs in response when Ryoma asks, and smiles. Ryoma doesn't even know how Fuji-sempai knew where he lived, and he is scared to ask.

He figures maybe Fuji-sempai is lonely, because his brother doesn't live at home anymore, and Eiji-sempai seems to go out for burgers or on trips with Oishi-sempai more often than not now, and even Tezuka-Buchou isn't around for him to tease, because he's all the way in Germany. thinking of Germany makes Ryoma grit his teeth. It is too far away, and he wants a rematch.

"Shall we play some tennis?" Fuji-sempai asks, as though reading Ryoma's mind, and though he wants it more than anything, he jus shrugs and says, "yeah okay."

Fuji-sempai stands up and ties his hair back, something Ryoma has never seen him do. It makes him look even prettier than usual, more girly. And his non-descript clothes add to that.

They start off rallying to warm up, and when Ryoma feels his father's approach, something is different. He stares in a shocked, open-mouth sort of way, and Ryoma knows what the problem is. Then he knows Fuji-sempai is a mind-reader.


"Do you want to serve, Echizen?" Fuji-sempai asks with a sweet smile. Ryoma frowns and knows he must give all his attention this time and ignore his father.

"You don't have to do me any favours, Fuji-sempai." He says, adopting a cheerful attitude, though inside he is screaming. "I'm going to beat you."

"Ah," Fuji-sempai nods. "Of course. If you say so."

Ryoma grips his racket harder and serves with his right hand. Fuji-sempai returns it easily; he has seen it too many times now to be phased by it. That's okay, that's fine, it means Ryoma can play properly and not rely on patented moves. He plays better when he has to improvise. He begins to bounce on his tip-toes. Fuji-sempai smiles.

"Split-step so soon?" He asks across the net. "This isn't a real match, Echizen. You don't have to get so serious."

"I'm going to beat you, Fuji-sempai." He repeats, and he can't understand the responding smile on Fuji-sempai's face this time. It looks a little sad. Or longing.


Fuji-sempai doesn't play seriously, he can tell. He can tell because it frustrates him like not having Tezuka-Buchou around right now to play a match against does, and he wonders if they're both determined to annoy the hell out of him with tennis. The sun gets warmer overheard, and Fuji-sempai just gives up when he is ahead, just like that, to reach for a towel and a drink from his bag. He came prepared.

"That's enough for today, I think." He says, sitting down and not betraying a ounce of exhaustion. Ryoma is sweating a little, but that is it. He was concentrating too hard on the match to notice anything else.

"It's not fair," Ryoma begins, and Fuji-sempai is already smiling. "You were ahead again, and you just gave up! I might have won!"

"You might have." Fuji-sempai nods in response. "But I guess we'll never know. Sometimes the game you are playing is more important than who wins, Ryoma-kun."

Ryoma just frowns all the way until Fuji-sempai leaves, which is not long after. Suddenly he remembers his father watching them again, and can feel the eyes on him from behind, not pretending to hide at all.

"RYOMA HAS A GIRLFRIEND!" Nanjiroh shouts so loud the birds in the trees dart off in all directions, and Ryoma lets his head drop to his knees in despair as his father makes the connection Ryoma knew he would.

Just outside the gates, Ryoma bets Fuji-sempai is laughing. And planned everything all along.

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To Em; To Em; February prompt number 18
Fuji/Eiji - Loss

They're so fluffy <3. There would have been more, but it also would've fitted with one of those fics I've never finished, so I decided just to work on that now ;) 265 Words.


It began again every time Eiji broke up with another girl; another false start wherein Eiji would tremble and pout, minimally holding it in until everyone else had left, throwing himself at Fuji and making strangled noises that sounded a little like crying.

The excuse was always different, but the meaning was always the same; it had been all Eiji's fault.

The only one who didn't seem to realise he was sabotaging his own relationships slowly but surely one by one, was Eiji himself.

He would curl up in Fuji's lap, cling to Fuji's shirt and whine pathetically. It wasn't really his fault, there had just been another mistake, an accident. He had friends, too, he had hobbies. He couldn't just stop seeing people, or forget tennis practice just so they could leave school together on time. Tezuka-buchou would kill him.

Fuji would nod along, wrapping his arms firmly around Eiji, knowing in his head that Eiji tended to choose the clingy type so that she would get easily irritated by his normal lifestyle. If a stray tear slipped down Eiji's cheek, he would wipe it away without a word. He would tuck Eiji's head under his chin until he stopped talking and his breathing fell in time with Fuji's heartbeat.

When Eiji decided it was time to pick himself up and try again, he would squirm to get away, but Fuji would always manage to press a kiss to his forehead before letting Eiji go.

It began long before anyone would have believed; before Eiji even discovered he liked boys better than girls.
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To Em; February prompt number 17
Sanada/Yukimura - Discipline.

Hyotei asks for some practice matches against Rikkai and things don't quite go to plan. Kirihara, Sanada, Yukimura, Atobe. 1136 Words.


Kirihara was sick of it; not that he suffered much personally, because he was the second year ace and hadn't yet lost to any opponent from another school. But for the sake of others, his friends, those who weren't Regulars and lost a match now and then, he was sick of the slaps.

The resounded in his head and a little voice whispered delightedly about how it wished he would just slap back. Kirihara had almost been tempted to, once. He had been standing close enough to feel the air resistance as Sanada's hand whipped through the space between him and the other boy, had felt the vibrations of the hand meeting cheek like it had happened to him.

He just needed one opportunity, one small chance. If he could just see Sanada lose, then someone would get to put him through what he always gave to everyone else, and wouldn't that be just fine. Kirihara hoped to be the one to get to do it.

"Buchou," he would say at least ten times a day, to Yukimura's amusement, "when are you going to play Sanada-fukubuchou? I think you two should play a match. I think I could learn a lot."

Maybe if he hadn't included the last part, Yukimura might have believed him. But probably not, because Yukimura Seiichi was far from stupid. He just smiled down on Kirihara and always said, "Sometime soon, perhaps."


"Hyotei have requested some 'friendly matches' again, Seiichi," Yanagi said. "I believe they're looking to rearrange their team of Regulars."

"Using us to do it again, huh." Yukimura murmured. He didn't sound especially interested. "And I suppose their coach believes they'll find ways to defeat us at the same time. Fine, arrange it. But there will only be one doubles match, and two singles. I won't be playing, neither will you, or Akaya. Don't put Niou and Yagyuu into doubles; let them decide between them who will play Singles Two."

Yanagi nodded and left, picking up on everything Yukimura did not say. He passed Niou and Yagyuu on his way to return the phone call. Kirihara frowned.

"Why can't I play?!" He demanded, and told himself he wasn't pouting.

"Think of yourself as a secret weapon." Yukimura said. "A unknown variable. I will not give them what they want."


Victory wasn't at all as sweet as Kirihara had imagined it would be. Perhaps it was because Sanada had somehow miraculously lost; he hadn't known Sanada could lose to anyone but buchou, but now that it had happened, it sent a cold feeling sweeping through him from his feet upwards. Numb, he just felt numb. Rikkai's reputation would slide down a notch if it got about that their vice-captain was just a loser.

His opponent, Atobe Keigo was his name, did not happy even though he had won. Sure enough he smiled and showed off to his friends, but as Rikkai were silently exiting the school gates, he tailed them, grabbed Sanada's arm roughly.

Sanada shook him off, but stopped. Yukimura looked back, and glared at anyone else who dared to do so, gesturing to them to carry on walking. He did not look back a second time.

"You try doing a favour for me again, I'll make you regret it." Atobe said coldly. His intimidating face was nothing compared to Sanada's mask of impassiveness, Kirihara thought to himself. You could just tell when Sanada was making that face no matter how far away you were from it.

"At least I know for sure now you'll stick around long enough to meet us officially in the tournament." Sanada retorted, and walked away.


Kirihara wasn't allowed to speak all the way back to school; everytime he opened his mouth, Yanagi would either shush him, pinch his upper thigh, or plug his mouth with chewing gum to keep it busy. No-one else spoke overly much, but it wasn't fair that Niou was allowed to annoy Jackal all the way back, while Marui cracked his gum and made stupid comments about whatever scenery they passed by.

He wondered how Yanagi knew he was ging to say something more important than either of those two, then remembered that Yanagi just knew everything.

Back at school everyone dispersed quickly, leaving Sanada and Yukimura in the locker room together. Yanagi held Kirihara's arm firmly, as though to make sure he left too.

"But I've forgotten my homework!" He protested as loudly as possible. "It's back there, and if I don't get it I'll be kept away from practice until I redo it in class, and Yukimura-buchou will kill me!"

"He won't kill you." Yanagi said firmly. "Just be quick."

Kirihara slipped out of Yanagi's grasp with a grin, freedom enveloping him like a drug. He headed for his locker sure enough, but didn't bother to open it. Sanada was folding his clothes into his locker, even his towel, and Yukimura was sat on a bench watching him from behind.

"Buchou," Kirihara said, shattering the silence and not noticing at all. Yukimura didn't even flinch. "If Sanada-fukubuchou gets to slap people when they lose, what happens when he loses?"

Yukimura turned at the same time Sanada did, so that he got to see both sets of eyes on him with wildly different expression; Yukimura was smiling in a way that made Kirihara want to run, and Sanada just looked mad as always. Maybe madder.

"Well," Yukimura said pretty coldly, "you must go to the person above him in order to make sure he receives the proper discipline."

Even when Yukimura stood up, Kirihara still didn't believe he would really do it; Sanada and Yukimura were always nicer to each other than anyone else, and he'd even seen them doing things once before, and when he'd gone to Niou about it, Niou had just laughed and told him to stop being a baby, that they'd been that way long before he had come along.

"I can't believe you used my game to settle a personal vendetta." Yukimura said to Sanada. His voice was the most intimidating Kirihara had ever heard, but his feet refused to take him far away, even though his brain was screaming that he didn't want to see anymore, even if he had been the one to set it all off.

Even when he could see Yukimura's hand cutting through the air, Kirihara didn't believe he would actually do it. Sanada didn't even flinch, just stood waiting, and stayed steady as flesh connected with flesh with a resounding smack. Kirihara didn't even realise he had squeezed his eyes tightly shut until he heard voices again and had no images to connect them to. Yukimura was speaking. To him. His smile was terrible as the words came out.

"Where did you think Sanada learnt his forehand from, Akaya?"

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To Em; February prompt number 16
Fuji/Atobe - “Enemies make you stronger, allies make you weaker.”

Unfinished, 401 Words.


When Fuji is young in Chiba, in elementary school setting traps with Saeki and picking out pictures in clouds, he sees why people make such a fuss about having friends. When his family moves it hurts to say goodbye, but a little feeling in his chest tells Fuji it was worth it.

At Seigaku he has no time for friends when he joins the tennis club, and the tennis club members only share one common interest at most. It doesn't stop some of them attempting conversation and meeting up for lunch outside of the club, but Fuji soon learns there is a difference.

Eiji, for example, he lets nearby, because Eiji is warm enough and self-focused enough not to notice he gives all and receives little in return. Taka-san gives small but intense smiles and always has nice things to say; even when Fuji is clearly not playing his best Taka will praise and compliment him when he wins his match regardless. Fuji realises Taka cannot see the difference, and that if he does, then friendship must mean never hurting your friend's feelings, even if it might be the best thing for them. Even if it means lying to them.

Fuji vows never to call Tezuka 'friend'.


Atobe Keigo has an unhealthy obsession with Tezuka, and since Fuji is the only second-year to immediately become a Regular along with Tezuka when school starts up again, he is the only one to witness it at matches away against Hyotei.

Fuji knows how the match will end before it starts, and contents himself with watching Atobe watching Tezuka instead. It makes him want to laugh, because they are both so oblivious; Atobe is right across the other side of the court and Fuji can still see the want. They don't meet officially that time, or get near to one another, but Atobe meets Fuji's eyes at one point, and they read his smile. Atobe frowns in a most unsophisticated manner.

This is when Fuji begins to suspect you should keep your enemies closer than your friends.


"You can tell him from me that I'm not interested." Tezuka says eventually. Not so oblivious after all, then.

"I hope you're not suggesting I take the bullet for you," Fuji says lightly, smiles, laughs a little.

The next time they play a match against Hyotei, on home ground this time, Fuji is still thinking about it.

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To Em; February prompt number 14
A random group of Tenipuri characters; must include Tezuka, Fuji, Inui, Yanagi, Sanada, Yukimura, and anyone else you wish. Drinking games.

Crackfic; what else would drinking games lead to? XD Fuji/Tezuka, Yukimura/Sanada. 656 Words.


"It's a quiz," Inui says simply. "In three teams of two players each, one answers the questions and the other takes the penalty if their partner is incorrect."

"Inui," Tezuka says. "What is the penalty?"

"Penal-tea?" Fuji asks with a smirk.

"It's a choice of either that, or alcohol." Inui shrugs. Though Tezuka has never reacted as badly to Inui Juice as most members of the team, it is fifty-fifty that he will choose it over alcohol, which he has refused to drink one hundred percent of the time before now.

"Penal-tea?" Sanada asks innocently, and Fuji and Tezuka speak up at the same time before he can press further.

"Pick the alcohol!" They say in unison desperately, and Inui nods. He puts away the Juice with regret, but accepts the decision. The chance to see any of them drunk will make it into his notebook.


The game starts with no-one budging an inch; Yukimura asks Yanagi a question, Yanagi asks Fuji, and Fuji asks Yukimura. Beside them, Tezuka, Sanada and Inui hold their breaths each time they wait to see if the answer is correct.

It always is, and the tension builds. The room is silent for too long between questions and answers, and Inui glances round when it is not his turn and knows that Fuji at least is planning something.

"Ah," he says on his next question. "I'm afraid I don't know." He glances to his side, and does not look the least bit concerned. "Sorry, Tezuka."

Tezuka just nods and downs his shot, grimacing as it burns his throat.

When Fuji asks Yukimura his next question, Sanada ends up taking a drink, too.

Yanagi never misses a beat.


The game degenerates to the same pattern then; Fuji answers incorrectly, so does Yukimura, Inui stays alcohol-free. Tezuka's face grows less believing each time Fuji apologizes for not knowing, but he does not speak out. Sanada just glares at Yukimura, knowing they are joint-losing on purpose.

When Sanada begins to slump against Yukimura's side, Fuji notices Tezuka has taken off his glasses and is inspecting the way the light hits them as he waves them around.

"Uhm, Inui," Fuji asks, "perhaps for a while Yukimura-kun and I should drink our own penalty shots?"

Inui looks at Yanagi and they share a smile.

"We're not adverse to that." He shrugs, and the game continues.


"Your boyfriend is drunker than my boyfriend," Yukimura leers at Fuji, his voice slurring a little on the last words.

"But you're drunker than I am," Fuji points out with a smile. "So between us, I'm more likely to get laid tonight than you."

"That's a low blow, Fuji-kun!" Yukimura says, and giggles, not covering his mouth in time to smother it. He turns to Sanada who is laid out on the floor and staring at the ceiling, crawls over to him. Yukimura touches his hand to Sanada's cheek and murmurs Sanada's name very softly, "Genichirou..."

Inui and Yanagi blink at one another; by now they've both had a few drinks themselves, the questions having gotten increasingly more difficult, but they were not anticipating the game to change in such a way.

"I'll win this round!" Fuji proclaims, straddling Tezuka's lap and picking up the jug of alcohol. He does not even hesitate as he pours over Tezuka's face, and everyone else, bar Sanada, cringes as Tezuka bolts upright instantly. "Hey, Tezuka," he says like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, and then proceeds to stick his tongue down Tezuka's throat.

Tezuka has no option but to kiss him back.


"Probability they were both answering incorrectly to get their boyfriends incapacitated and then coerce them into sex?" Inui asks as he and Yanagi hurry out of the room under the guise of retrieving towels to mop up the mess Fuji has created. They won't return to the room tonight.

Yanagi shakes his head as though the question isn't worth answering.

"Easily one hundred percent."

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To Em; February prompt number 13
Fuji/Saeki - "And girls are a bore/They touch without feeling"

Fuji only agrees to go on the date because otherwise Saeki will have no date. It provides opportunity. 566 Words


Fuji only agrees to go on the date because otherwise Saeki will have no date; the girl has insisted he bring a friend for her friend, else it's a no-deal.

Saeki's date, Kanami-kun, has breasts larger than usual for her age, but Fuji can't help figuring his best-friend to have been a breasts kind of guy. He's more of a legs person himself. But her friend, Naka-kun, has quite successfully covered the entirity of her already short legs with a floor length skirt.

They go to see a movie, both a wonderful and stupid idea all at once in Fuji's opinion. Stupid in terms of a date, because it's an activity where you get no chance to speak or even look at your date for a couple of hours, and wonderful because he doesn't have to feign any interest in the girl if he feigns enough interest in the movie.

The girls pick the movie, and they pick a romantic comedy; of course. And then they sit together in the middle, Saeki on Kanami-kun's left, and Fuji on Naka-kun's right, so he can't even make up voice-overs with Kojiroh as the actors overplay their parts.

Fuji notes the way Kanami-kun begins to glance at Saeki every now and then for a good five minutes before it happens. He himself begins to twitch noticably on purpose, excusing himself to the bathroom mere seconds before Kanami-kun and Saeki start making out.

He is glad he got himself out of that in time; girls are like parrots and have to copy what the other does in nearly any given situation. He leans against cold tile in the toilets and considers buying more snacks to thrust into Naka-kun's hands to keep them and her mouth well-occupied for a little longer.

"You should think about hurrying up; girls have the excuse that they take ages in the toilet redoing their make-up, but boys don't." Saeki is standing in the inner doorway, smirking.

"I was just about to pull my eyeliner out of my back pocket, too." Fuji mock-pouts. "Does it matter where I am?"

"It does to Naka-chan," Saeki says in a serious tone, "which means it matters to Kanami-chan. Which means I have to hear about it." He points to both sides of his head. "In both ears!"

"Kojiroh," Fuji sighs. "You know I don't want to be here. I don't even like the girl."

"That girl, or just... girls?" Saeki asks. Fuji narrows his eyes.

"And why does that matter?"

Saeki extends a hand out to Fuji, as though offering up a handshake; a friendly gesture of acceptance. Fuji does not change his expression, but offers out a reluctant hand in return. Saeki grips it tightly and pulls Fuji against him. They both exhale.

Saeki's hands are now on Fuji's chest, having stopped him from falling right into Saeki's body. Fuji's hands have gripped Saeki's waist to help him reattain some balance.

"It matters to me." Saeki says. "Because right now your hands on my hips, not even touching skin, are turning me on more than Kanami-chan's hands fumbling in my lap during the movie."

"Like this?" Fuji asks delicately, nudging Saeki's legs apart a little with his knee, dragging his hands across hips until they meet in the front and one squeezes Saeki through his jeans.

"Oh," Saeki says in reply, when he meant to just say yes.

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To Em; February prompt number 11
Tezuka/Oishi - Lives intwined. Kushiel!verse if you can manage it, maybe some spying or intrigue or something. If not, canon setting, with how Oishi was chosen to be the vice-captain.

Oishi, Tezuka, a contract but no sex - Oishi confesses. 778 Words.


"I'm sorry, I didn't contract you myself." Oishi says immediately, nursing his drink and looking rather upset. "You were a gift."

"It's okay," Tezuka says, kneeling and lowering his head. "It's not the first time for it to happen."

"But I may just be the first to turn down your services, mmm?" Tezuka looks up at that, in surprise. "Ah, I am. And I'm a fool for it, I know. But knowing I'm a fool doesn't change my feelings."

Tezuka sits properly, more comfortably, and pulls his legs up to his chest.

"You... just want to talk?" He attempts to verify, knowing how ridiculous it sounds.

"Well," Oishi says, a lets a slither of a hollow laugh escape. "You just might understand, being what you are."

Tezuka does not understand yet, but he waits. All knowledge is worth having, after all.

"I dislike the system, the houses and their rules. Their servitude." Oishi drains his glass and refills it quickly. If he needs alcohol to fuel his words, Tezuka will not argue. "Not for moral reasons, as you might think. I'm not so noble. I just happened to chance upon a boy who made me look twice , at some stupid social gathering. Somebody was trailing him about on a leash, but he looked so perfectly pristine. I knew he was not, but when I spoke to him... He was full of smiles and joy. Even in such a position."

Tezuka searches his memories and does not have to go back far to be aware of the situation Oishi is talking about. The boy was Kikumaru Eiji.

"Uh, some people are... They like to be treated in such a manner." Tezuka says, trying to be tactful. "I'm such a one of those. But you knew that; surely that was what you meant by me understanding?"

"Oh, I know." Oishi nods. "I had first-hand experience; pay the right amount and you'll get whatever you want, you know. It's disgusting really."

"It doesn't work that way in my home." Tezuka admits. "I have a large say in what I will and will not do."

"You are lucky then."


"So, bought and paid for for an entire night, I had the boy brought to me. He remembered me; I could see it on his face. It fell when he realised what I had done; hired him, become another one of them. But then after a moment, he was not just trembling from withheld tears."

"Desire?" Tezuka asked. "To feel that someone you care for has betrayed you is painful. And he had been trained to find pleasure in pain. As well as obviously desiring you, or else he would not have been moved in such a way."

"You're very perceptive." Oishi says, slurring his words as he drains yet another glass. Tezuka presses his lips together and wonders if he has said too much. But Oishi is drunk, or near to it, perhaps he won't remember this in the morning. "I wanted to explain, I wanted just to see him, have him to myself for a time knowing no-one else would have their claim upon him, but he obviously believed I was just like the others. And because he gave me no chance to explain, because he wanted it, and because I wanted him, and he was obediently peeling away his clothes without me even having to ask, I took him, just like that. I was frustrated and angry, nothing like myself, and still he enjoyed it."

"Some of us are made that way," Tezuka whispers. He can imagine, vaguely, except that betrayal coming from Fuji is far more sinister, and a hundred times more enticing just as it is a hundred times more revolting at the same time.

"You're not the same, though." Oishi says, eyes snapping open to look at Tezuka with a sudden clarity. "When it was done, he ran into the bathroom and I heard him crying. I'm just sitting here telling you about it, and you are trying to hide your lap with your hands."

"Being trained to something is not the same as having been born to something." Tezuka says very firmly. "Some are willing, and conditioned to it. I am constantly wishing I could be something other than I am. I can't control this. It sounds like Eiji can."

"You knew who I meant?" Oishi babbles.

"I won't tell anyone." Tezuka promises. "What did you do after that?"

"I was ashamed." Oishi says. "I couldn't do anything; I let him go. And now my family believes I have a penchant for boys who enjoy being mistreated. It couldn't be further from the truth."

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To Em; February prompt number 9
Niou/Yagyuu - "How the trickster stole the moon"

Niou plots to get his hands on Yagyuu. Unfinished, 309 Words.


Niou was a watcher; a subtle one, but a watcher nonetheless. If he hadn't made himself an expert on human nature, his schemes simply never would have worked. It wasn't so much data-collecting, (though Yanagi had given him some excellent advice based upon the facts), as it was based on emotion and reactions.

Niou always prayed upon other people. He never expected one of his schemes to become based on his own emotions.


It was Yukimura's fault too, in a way. They were in the same gym class, and it was a chore to get Yukimura to pay attention to anything that was not tennis, no matter how useful the skills might be, and how Yanagi suggested they might be employed in a match. Yukimura always found something better to focus on.

"Hey," he said softly, nudging Niou in the side with his sharp elbow, "that Yagyuu Hiroshi, doesn't he look... different when he takes off his glasses?"

Niou gets the feeling before he looks that 'different' isn't really the word Yukimura would've chosen at all under other circumstances.

And when he looks, he gets an urge to steal Yagyuu's glasses, to feel the glass crunch beneath his shoes and enjoy the wave of satisfaction. Punishment for hiding away the best feature of his already not-unattractive face.

"He's dating Araki-kun," Niou says smoothly. Yukimura doesn't ask how he knows this. "That girl is so selfish."


Niou knows he has to split the couple up; Araki-kun can't just keep hogging Yagyuu to herself like that. It just doesn't once occur to him to go down the traditional girl/guy route.

He is sorely tempted to just jump Yagyuu when they get back to the locker room to change after gym, but it's boys-only, and really he wants Araki-kun to see it with her own eyes.

Yagyuu cheating on her with another guy.

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To Em; February prompt number 8
Tezuka/Fuji - “Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.” Kushiel!verse
I am putting two of the same universes back to back. But oh well. ;)

With Fuji around and plots in motion Tezuka has to keep his composure. 548 Words.


"People are so predictable," Fuji says. His sigh is a mixture of contentment and frustration. He stretches across the chaise lounge, curling his arm back as though to reach up for the plant hanging from a stand, and his shirt rides up a little. Tezuka tries to keept his eyes averted, though he knows there is untouched bare skin to look at.

"Thank you for your help," Fuji says with a smirk, turning his eyes on Tezuka where he sits. Though this is his household and he is not a servant, something in Fuji's gaze sets his legs trembling and the ache inside whispers desperately to be allowed to sink to the floor on his knees. He wishes for the safety of downturned eyes.

"You knew his ambitions were wrong, and so you felt obligated to reveal his deception." Fuji says. "How lucky we all are that you just happened to come across those documents. No need to question what you were doing in his private room; I'm sure someone just gave you inaccurate directions, you were intending to visit the toilet truly, perhaps. It happens when one is not completely familiar with the layout of another's household."

Tezuka bites the inside of his cheek to keep from gritting his teeth. He does duck his head down this time, to escape a blush, or a snarl.

"I hear you were perfect at the trial; not a flinch, no fidgeting. As one would expect from someone so adeptly trained. Reciting words with perfect infliction; perhaps only your testimony was all it took to convince them of his guilt. I would not presume to judge; I was not there, you know."

Tezuka attempts to splay his fingers out until his muscles strain and protest against him. If he balls his hands into fists, he will be laughed at. He is not sure how much longer he can keep up this farce; knowing Fuji was the one to orchestrate the whole thing, the voice in the ear that never whispered the words of betrayal but without a doubt planted the seed. The innocent voice that pushed the duty of his country onto Tezuka's shoulders and left Fuji seemingly unrelated to the issue at all. How unfortunate, they say to him at parties, that all this time you trusted him and he was plotting behind all of our backs!

And Fuji simply stands serenely, bowing his head as though the wool truly had been pulled over his eyes. And Tezuka walks away, and Fuji smiles at his back.

Tezuka's grandfather enters the room and the silence is dissolved in simple gestures.

"Tezuka-san," Fuji smiles prettily, swinging his legs off the seat to sit upright. Tezuka's grandfather nods, smiles at him, makes some empty comment about the 'unfortunate situation'.

"I have things to do, excuse me." Tezuka says, standing up and exiting before there can be any protests. For almost half an hour they had sat there waiting for his grandfather, and though Fuji spoke not a word, Tezuka could hear every single unnecessary one echoing about his head.

His paces increases just as he reaches the door, desperate to touch the handle and feel his freedom. He shudders as he touches it, knowing that again, Fuji has taken the victory point.

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To Em; February prompt number 7
Fuji/Sanada - "This night is just for us."
Kushiel!verse if you can manage it; if not, canon otherwise. ;)

In Kushiel!verse think of Sanada as Prince Baudouin. Fuji/Sanada, Sanada/Tezuka. 1097 Words.


"These are yours," Fuji says, nodding to the housemaid with folded clothes in her arms, "put them on."

Tezuka blinks just once, slowly, as though trying to understand his situation. Fuji sighs inwardly; he does not appreciate having to take time to enlighten people, he usually does not, but the look on Tezuka's face will be worth it this time.

"You've read the contract." He says. "You know the terms. You are my gift to a friend for tonight. A very good friend. I wish him to be thoroughly satisfied."

"What I do is my nature." Tezuka says stiffly, eyes on the floor continuously ignoring the maid though she tries again and again to offer out the clothing to him.

"Which is why I know you will do the trick." Fuji replies firmly. "Now, change."

Tezuka looks at the clothes, not the girl, and hesitates yet again. The worst part, or perhaps the best, is that Fuji knows he is not trying to play a game. He becomes irritated anyway, plucking the clothes from the maid's arms and dismissing her.

"If you won't undress, I will do it for you." He says to Tezuka. He steps forward and notes with satisfaction that Tezuka does not instinctively step back. He is ready to face the challenge head on until the end, until the moment he inevitably gives into his desires.


Tezuka keeps his eyes lowered, on orders not to look anyone in the eye unless specifically told by them that he can. His first impression of the Sanada household, therefore, is of the elaborately decorated flooring. He follows its intricacies like coiling threads, always five paces behind Fuji.

When they reach a particular set of doors, Fuji stops. Tezuka's timing is almost perfect as he too stills himself. Their escort announces Fuji's name, but not Tezuka's because he has not been deemed important for Fuji to mention even to the servants. Sanada comes to the doors himself, opens them both together in a kingly manner, and casts his eyes over the scene. Tezuka cannot resist flicking his eyes upwards just for a second in a moment he is sure Sanada's eyes are on Fuji.

In almost every room Fuji is in, the eyes are always upon him.

"Sanada-san." Fuji says, smiling sweetly. Sanada rolls his eyes.

"Oh please, Syuusuke." He says, turning his back on them both. His purposeful stroll suggests that they follow.

"Sit down and stay quiet." Fuji murmurs to Tezuka in an aside. Tezuka only nods in reply, seats himself on the lone cushion in the room and places his hands behind his back.

He does not feel Sanada's eyes on him, not once.


As though tempting a bud to blossom and flower, Fuji begins to flirt immediately after the doors are closed on the three of them. Tezuka does not recognise the layout of the room, and is not prepared when Sanada procures a keikogi jacket and hakama trousers that are very similar to his own, holding onto them as Fuji gracefully removes his shirt and then his own trousers.

"Mmm, Genichirou..." He says, his voice subtle as falling leaves, "help me with the ties?"

His eyes are beautiful when he lapses intentionally into seduction; seeming to darken and shimmer like a night sky dotted with stars. The shape of his lips when he smiles would tempt even the blind to touch their mouths to his. Even Sanada, formal as he appears, is not immune.

His arms find Fuji's waist, feeling around as they follow the path of the trouser ties. His shallow breathing must be tickling Fuji's neck, but Fuji acts as though it is no bother, tilting his head away a little, for all appearances seeming as though it is mere coincidence that he does so.

Tezuka watches on though he knows his eyes should be downcast, and knows that nothing Fuji does is ever mere coincidence.


Tezuka tenses so much he feels like he might break when he sees Sanada place a weapon into Fuji's hands. By now he has realised they are about to have a kendo match, but he can't help but think of the folly it is to willingly offer Fuji a weapon, whether a literal object or simply information. Seeing how easily Sanada's cold exterior has melted under Fuji's warmth, Tezuka suspects perhaps he has already done both.

Fuji is not a weak opponent; for sure, if there is something he wishes to achieve he will do so, and would not stand to let himself look a fool in front of anyone, but Sanada is simply better. It is no longer a surprise after Tezuka discovers it is a tradition long kept through many generations of Sanada males. Still, Fuji holds his own well enough to put up quite a fight, and by the end of it they are both breathing hard; and sweating, Tezuka notices when they remove their headgear.

"Ah, you win again," Fuji says, smiling wickedly as he bows his head to Sanada. It seems to take every ounce of Sanada's control to accord the proper respect to his weapon, placing it down lovingly instead of tossing it aside. Once freed from it's reminder of discipline, Sanada practically pounces at Fuji, hands reaching to unclasp armour and untie knots as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"So where is my reward?" He almost growls into Fuji's ear from behind. Fuji's smile is slow in spreading, but when it is whole, it chills Tezuka through and through.

"It's waiting for you over there, love." Fuji says, waving an incredibly casual hand in Tezuka's direction. Tezuka cannot look away, frozen in place, eyes wide, taking in Fuji and Sanada all at once. Sanada's lips are attached to Fuji's neck at this point, but his eyes flick upward to focus on what Fuji wants him to see. They grow dark with thought.


"Stand up." Sanada says, and only then does the spell end and Tezuka finds himself able to look down at the floor again. Though it is obviously too late now. It amuses Fuji to no end.

"He is special," Fuji tells Sanada, whispering over his shoulder as Sanada scrutinises Tezuka's face and form, trying to push deeper and see what Fuji is showing him. "He is unique. The only one of his kind. Fit for princes."

"Or those like to them." Sanada says flatly. Fuji laughs.

"Exactly." He says. His eyes narrow. Sanada does not see it over his shoulder. Tezuka does, and wonders at the irony in Fuji's voice as he repeats it. "Exactly."

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To Em; February prompt number 6!
Fuji/Yuuta - Growing pains.
(If, you know, you want to throw Yumiko in there, feel free to! Hehe.)

Syuusuke/Yuuta: It's usually after a bad day. 505 Words

(and then Yumiko speaking through the door afterwards about the fact that their parents will be home soon, and speculation on just how much she really knows about what they get up to ;) )


It's usually after a bad day; Yuuta comes home for a change instead of staying at the school's dormitories and refuses to tell anyone what went wrong. He spends most of his evening in stony silence, casting a shadow over the family as they watch TV, or playing video games in Syuusuke's room which they used to share but doesn't feel like it is partly his at all anymore even if his bed is still there.

On days like that, Syuusuke feels a little relieved that there are things other than himself that can actually piss his younger brother off.

Yuuta drops by unannounced so there is no set routine; sometimes Syuusuke is reading in his bedroom from the moment he gets home, and does not know Yuuta is there until he appears at the door, locks it behind himself when he steps into the room.

Sometimes Yuuta will inform his brother he is going to play video games and slinks off to Syuusuke's room first. Syuusuke never tells him he cannot, but leaves him to the bloodiest, most violent games he can find until he has worked off most of his tension by shooting and mangling and destroying whatever appears on the screen.

Sometimes Syuusuke is not home at all, but out with friends, eating sushi or playing tennis, or whatever else it is they like to do. Times like that Yuuta's dark cloud gets blacker, and Yumiko makes herself busy in the kitchen, texting Syuusuke furiously as she cooks telling him to come home quickly.

Those days are the ones when Yuuta will meet him just inside their front door. Sometimes Syuusuke is still sweating from the last game he played; his hair is wet at the back of his neck and his smile is accomplished.

"I didn't realise you were coming home today," he says cheerfully as he unlaces his shoes. Yuuta stands over him, staring daggers, saying nothing.

"Dinner won't be ready for a while yet." Yumiko will say, poking her head into the hallway, or if it's not those words exactly, it's usually something else innane to that effect. She will receive a hello and a thank you from Syuusuke, and a tense nod from Yuuta.

Before Syuusuke's shoes are off completely, Yuuta will begin to stamp his way up the stairs, leaving no option for his older brother but to follow.

Though Yuuta reaches the bedroom first, he is the one to linger at the door and lock it. Syuusuke hops onto his bed like he is alone and stretches out, gazing towards his window.

"Nice weather we're having," he will say, though he never really looks. Once it was hailing and he came home soaking wet with the beginnings of light bruises on his cheeks. Yuuta moves until he is standing beside the bed, looking down on Syuusuke.

"Don't talk." Yuuta always says then, crawling onto the bed and swinging his leg over his brother's hips, settling himself on top of Syuusuke.

"I won't if you won't."

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prompt: Geisha!fic; "a measure of beauty".
date: 1st February
characters: Fuji Syuusuke, Fuji Yumiko.
notes: 496 words. Features cross-dressing. This is only the beginning.

+++++ )

prompt: Geisha!fic; "They let the suspicion kill the truth."
date: 5th February
characters: Fuji, Yumiko, Tezuka.
notes: 501 words. Features cross-dressing. This is the introduction.

+++++ )

prompt: Geisha!fic; "The lost husband."
date: 10th February
characters: Fuji, Tezuka.
notes: 578 words. Features cross-dressing. A game of Big Liar.

+++++ )

prompt: Geisha!fic; "The white lady."
date: 12th February
characters: Fuji, Tezuka.
notes: 552 words. Features cross-dressing. A rival, a ghost.

+++++ )
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To Em; February prompt number 4
Sanada/Yukimura - "Next phase, next craze, next nothing new/Got the pretty boy beat him up black and blue."

Sanada/Yukimura, 299 Words. "a way to feel again".


It's against his nature, his entire being, to do it, but when you've been taking orders for so long, the habit sets in whether you will it or no.

"Harder, Sanada." He whispers, but it's an urgent whisper, a command.

Sanada tries to think of anything but the beautiful expanse of skin before him that he's about to mar, closes his eyes before he bites.


"Aim true!" Yukimura yells across the court, eyes flashing with anger. "You're not so useless at tennis that you would miss such a large target!"

"Why?" Sanada retorts, but his anger doesn't match up to Yukimura's. His will is faded.

"Aim true and I'll tell you."

Sanada closes his eyes when he serves the ball, but he knows his aim is correct. It launches itself at Yukimura's stomach, and he staggers backwards but refuses to fall.

"Why?" Sanada asks again, sitting down on the bench and looking down at his hands, those hands that wielded the racket that hit the ball.

"To remember how it is to be able to feel," Yukimura says simply, lets out a satisfied breath from his lungs that seems to echo around the room. "You have no idea how it feels to wake up and be unable to move your limbs. To be nothing but numb. To not sense pain even when you know something is hurting you."

Sanada trembles both inside and out, and his hand moves of its own accord to slap Yukimura around the face. His mouth falls open in shock; of all the people to have ever been on the receiving end... He never imagined it would be Seiichi.

"Did anger motivate you, or are you just beginning to understand?" Yukimura has his hand to his cheek, but he is smiling. "Either way, I win."

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To Em; February prompt number 3
Oishi/Eiji - "Five glasses changed my mind".
I want this to be something twisted and complicated, if you can work it. ;)

Oishi and Fuji conspire to get Eiji in a compromising position, with or without his consent. Unfinished, 1059 Words.


People suspect that even though Oishi and Eiji, the Golden Pair, get along so well, even though Eiji and Fuji are really good friends, even though Oishi and Tezuka are captain and vice-captain of the tennis team and don't mind spending time together, even though Fuji and Tezuka have some kind of odd friendship where Tezuka doesn't speak much but still listens, that Oishi and Fuji don't really spend much time together at all.

That assumption is supposed to made.


"I feel like he's leading me on."

"So confront him about it; Eiji's not one to run away."

"I've tried! He acts like he doesn't know what I'm talking about."

"Ah. Well, perhaps he doesn't."

"Exactly. So if it's subconscious, we have to do something to draw it out of him, right?"

"To settle the balance of nature you mean?"

"Yeah, that explanation works."


Oishi also doesn't appear to spend much time with Inui outside of the tennis club, but it's not true for any of the members really; Oishi cares about each of them, makes an effort to spend time out with them every week or so. He likes to know them inside-out.

The moment Inui steps out of his front door, Fuji sends a text message to Oishi, written in advance. His phone, along with an innocent looking bottle of mineral water, are the only things he carries today. He backtracks his steps a while, then jogs towards Inui's house. By the time he reaches the doorstep, his breathing is deep and even, and then sun has allowed him to sweat just a little.

Inui's mother doesn't seem entirely surprised to see Fuji. Especially when he mentions a maths textbook he suspects he may have left behind.

"Ah yes, I believe Sadaharu mentioned it," his mother nods. "When I was cleaning his room he asked me to leave it on the desk; I'm sure you'll find it there, Fuji-kun."

Every few weeks, though not in any kind of pattern, Fuji leaves something behind at Inui's. He finds that if he mentions Yuuta will be home sometime around that period, Inui attributes his forgetfulness to worry. It helps in instances like these.

Fuji's water bottle had been drained half-way by the time he got to Inui's house again, and made sure to ask for use of the toilet while he was in Inui's room, but the only thing he does while in the bathroom is refill the bottle to the top. Then, ignoring his textbook for the time being, he goes to the mini fridge Inui was bought in order to keep his juice drinks preserved. His father highly approves of Inui's interest in health drinks (such as they are), and hopes his son will go into chemistry, or pharmaceuticals as an off-shoot of these experiments.

Fuji always wears loose shorts to jog in; fortunately this means that smalls pots can be placed in the pockets and be unnoticable. He monitors everything he does thoroughly, knowing Inui will probably have leveled off the drink with so much air to spare in the bottle or jug it is stored in. He can only afford to snatch a small amount of each; diluting them too much can change the colour or the texture, he has discovered from watching Inui's experiments.

It only takes a little while, no longer than would be necessary to use the bathroom and collect a forgotten textbook. Fuji even accepts the offer of a snack, not wanting to seem like he's in a rush, and anyway, Oishi will keep Inui occupied for as long as possible.

Like Kawamura, he has developed a personality hard to say no to, because he never seems to ask for anything.

M.A. Fuji texts to Oishi's phone once he is a sensible distance away from Inui's house. Oishi meets him at home not long after.


Sometimes it feels like winning matches is to keep plans on track more than it is for the sake of winning. Oishi is glad he can rely on Fuji to always pop out a win, is glad when Fuji does not sit with himself and Eiji, but still offers to make ridiculous cocktail mixtures for Eiji to try. Eiji is always up for experimental drinks, as long as they aren't Inui's.

Which is why it is lucky he doesn't know they each contain a small sample of various Inui concoctions.

"There's one in there that can knock a person clean out." Fuji insists. "I know of a couple it is not, so we'll start with them. Don't want to have to make a disappearance too quickly."


Tezuka is the first to leave; he nearly always is, unless Kaidoh has an altered training menu to adjust to, and cannot return to Kawamura Sushi within a reasonable time. Oishi is glad Tezuka isn't there to see it when Eiji collapses onto the table, and silently thanks Fuji for the practice sessions in which he had to fake surprise and just the right amount of concern for Eiji.

And start a minor argument with Fuji.

"There's nothing in this place that's truly dangerous!" Fuji insists. "I used mostly fruit. Most of you watched me make my drinks. Perhaps he's just passed out from doing too much today. Maybe he hasn't eaten enough."

Oishi pretends to swallow his pride and admit Fuji might be right. Between them they insist they will get Eiji home, leaving a few team members behind, who would soon agree the celebration was over.


It lasts longer than Fuji had estimated, though he did cut off a good five minutes in order to make sure everything ran smoothly. As usual, no-one is home at his house, and nobody knows that it is where he and Oishi and have brought Eiji to recover. Supposedly.

When Eiji wakes up, he doesn't remember much. Fuji hands him a glass of water, which is all it is, he says smiling, and a pill he tells Eiji is a painkiller.

Eiji doesn't take a second look at it, just downs it and promptly becomes incapacitated again.

"S'ok if I watch?" Fuji asks, draping himself across his desk chair lazily as Oishi crawls onto his bed and straddles Eiji's waist.

"Whatever." Oishi replies, focusing on removing Eiji's shirt, and pretending it isn't ten times hotter to know Fuji's eyes are on his back.

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To Em; February prompt number 2
Niou/Yagyuu - Of all of them, I can see Niou running off to join a circus or a carnival. Do something with that.

Niou learns some circus tricks. 783 Words. Originally posted here.


It began with juggling; three juggling balls quickly rose to four, and then even more.

Sanada was inching his way closer every practice session, step by little step, and Niou stopped bringing the juggling balls to throw around in the air while he watched the other practice matches just the day before Sanada would have punched his lights out.

Yagyuu had never liked the juggling anyway; there were better things Niou could do with his hands.


Niou had tried tightrope walking; tying a length of very strong, very light and very thin wire between bench legs at lunch and inching his way across, but that had been cut short when the rain came.

Everyday, every lunchtime, the rain came.

That was alright, because Yagyuu didn't think much of the tightrope walking, either. He had a note in his back pocket from Niou, telling him to meet up for lunch in the gym. He walked in, saw Niou's food discarded on one of the mats on the floor, and Niou shimmying his way up one of the climbing ropes in the centre of the room.

Yagyuu could get behind the rope-climbing; literally he thought, tilting his head a little for a better view.


Niou had somehow procured the key to the gym, magically removing it from out of his pocket half-way up the rope and leaning back to drop it into Yagyuu's open hand. He kept leaning, until he was upsidedown and supported only by the grip of his legs around the ropes, hair hanging in his eyes, shirt bunched up around his chin.

Yagyuu did a few things in preparation; he calmly walked over to the gym door and locked it, he located a weights-bench in the corner and dragged it over to the centre of the room, he stood on it until he was face to bare stomach with Niou, who was getting flushed in the face from all the blood rushing to his head.

Yagyuu reached down for the end of the rope, slipping it around Niou's shoulders, winding it up around him and behind him until his arms were pinned behind his back.

Niou got even more flushed after that, and blood wasn't just pooling in his cheeks.


When the sun began to shine again, Yagyuu resolved himself to yet more tightrope walking, because it was something Niou had yet to master completely. But walking outside towards the damp grass he was pleasantly surprised; no wire, and no tip-toeing in sight.

There was, however, Niou with his hands up in the air, hips rotating steadily, a hula hoop skimming his body. He kept speeding up his movements, and then slowing them again. Everytime he changed the pace, his shirt would fly up a little.

Yagyuu licked his lips, and stepped closer.


Ask Yagyuu the next day, the next week, a year later, he still wouldn't be able to figure out exactly how Niou had grabbed his hand and pulled him within the circle of the hula hoop without breaking his pace even slightly.

He would be able to tell you, however, the way his flesh burned through layers of fabric when Niou's fingers curled around his hips. He would write an essay without words of the electricity that seemed to flow from him to Niou, or from Niou to him, when their hips were pulled together, and Niou could feel he was hard already, from watching him move.

He wouldn't be able to tell you the moment in which they began kissing, his hands scrabbling to hold on to something; shirt, skin, his own breath. He wouldn't know when they were intruded upon, and simultaneously abandoned with the realization that no-one would get any conversation out of either himself or Niou during that lunch period.

He wouldn't even realise, because Niou's lips kept letting small but intense panting sounds escape, pressing himself harder and harder into Yagyuu until Yagyuu could tell he was close to coming. Wouldn't notice until he did so first instead, and bucked his hips so hard only then did the hula hoop go clattering to the ground around them.

"Aw," Niou said, wiping the side of his mouth and looking down at it in dismay. "You threw off my rhythm."

Yagyuu just looks at him for a moment, just watches how easily he can ignore his need for release in order to tease. At the moment Niou leans down to pick up the hoop, Yagyuu steps on it's edge, and ends up picking it up himself instead.

"I don't care if it belongs to the gym, we're definitely taking this home." He says.

"How do you propose we smuggle a hula hoop out of school exactly?" Niou smirks in reply.



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