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pairing/characters: Tezuka/Fuji, Atobe.
challenge: Image; Royal Games.
summary: Set after the Hyotei matches, Tezuka leaves for Germany. Fuji and Atobe play games.
notes: Written for ES Challenge 21. 612 words.

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Title: Gaps of Knowledge
Fandom: Imajica by Clive Barker
Characters: Pie'oh'Pah and Gentle
Challenge: From ES: Quote; There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea is asleep and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song.
Notes: Set after the book(s). About 450 Words. I guess it's okay-ish :/


"Do you ever miss the earth?" Pie asks Gentle, without a voice, without lips. Gentle looks out onto the view, like looking through a hazy mirror that projects things to seem further away than they really are.

"There are things I might miss, from time to time." He replies. "But I lived so many lives there, Pie, more than any person is entitled to live. I'm done with earth."

"And the rest of the Imajica?" The mystif insists. An invisible hand floats to touch a body that isn't there. Around them spirits roam to wherever it is that they need to go, to do the things they believe they need to be doing. You cannot see anyone in the sense of regular sight, but they are colours and textures of their own divising within the Imajica.

Gentle doesn't answer. He does not know what to say. Though many of his memories returned to him like he had uncovered a burnt-in brand on his mind, he is sure there are so many others he has yet to discover. There is much about the Imajica he has lost.

"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea is asleep and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song." Pie says, almost in a dreamy manner if it were possible. "Wonders beyond imagination until you are planted in the middle of it, dropped from the sky, or spat out by the earth from one place to another. We took but one route through the Imajica. There is so much more."

"Pie, I cannot miss that which I don't remember!"

There was silence for a while. Time did not prevail here, it controlled nothing. Around the two, life after death went on. Spirits mingled and separated. Gentle watched with a quiet consideration.

"Besides," he said, as though the conversation had never broken, "what can I do about it now? Why taunt and tease me with things I can no longer journey to see?"

Pie was almost condescending as he replied.

"Oh Gentle, I have known this afterlife so much longer than you. I always wondered at it; you are so powerful and yet there are gaps in your knowledge someone like I can fill. How is that?"

"I needed something to remind me I wasn't perfect." Gentle said. "Every man needs that. Now tell me what you mean."

"I mean," the mystif began, "that this is not the ending, but a new beginning. And you should have known that. If you wish to see these places, to truly know and be a part of the Imajica, I can take you."

"Will you take us, Pie?"

"I will."

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Title: Passing On
Fandom: Charmed
Character(s): Prue Halliwell, Paige Matthews
Challenge: From ES: (A) line(s) of dialogue to include. (One, two or all in one fic!); "The knife just slipped. Sixty-seven times."
Notes: Set in early to mid season four, when Paige has just found her family and is trying to learn what it is to be a witch. (Set after another fic I wrote that I no longer have.) 701 Words.

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Title: School Pride
Fandom: Daria
Characters: Daria, Jane, Quinn, Brittany, Kevin.
Challenge: Specific challenge; It has to be AU; and in the story, there has to be a scavenger hunt, where the following must be found: clock, glove, sign, and a flag. However, the story can not be specifically about a scavenger hunt; it must be written into the plot.
Notes: 1290 Words. I kind of like it :)

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Title: Choice
Fandom: X-Men (Movieverse)
Character(s): Rogue (Marie), Wolverine (Logan), Jean Grey.
Challenge: From ES: Make the plot, theme or feel of your story about survival.
Notes: It sort of moves progressively from the end of X-Men 1 up to the end events of X2. It just happened! Three different characters and their issues with survival. 744 Words.


Some days when the voices in her head were threatening to overpower her, Rogue felt like she wouldn't survive. Unlike Professor Xavier, or Doctor Grey, she didn't have telepathic ability, she had no way of fixating on one particular voice or making them all just stop.

They would argue, strong personalities in her mind, imprints on her very nature and soul. She could go for hours after waking up without remembering how very different she was to others, and then all of a sudden Erik would creep in and point out the highly unappetising salt content of her choice of lunch. And Logan, never one to back down from a fight, would retort that he could eat whatever she wanted.

She. Rogue would sometimes lose sight of herself under these full grown men and their developed personalities. They knew who they were, well no, Logan didn't know exactly who he was, what he was, what his real name was, or anything of his history, but he had a solid personality. He was impatient and grouchy, but he had a kind heart.

The point was that Rogue was still growing and changing, and some days it felt like what she was growing into was simply a shadow of herself, a conduit for ghosts of other people's personalities to debate forever within the confines of her mind.


Logan would never have been who he was without his mutant power. His 'unique ability' as Xavier liked to put it. Without the power to heal so rapidly he never would have been an ideal candidate for that fucked-up son-of-a-bitch adamantium fusion to his bones. He would never have obtained the claws, blades of indestructible metal that pushed out of his knuckles on command. Not that it was a good thing to be a test subject, an even bigger freak than the rest of the mutant population.

But he wouldn't have known what it was to hunt and be hunted. He wouldn't have known to fend from the earth, or how his body could sustain itself even without food or water. He may never have discovered he could build an able shelter and survive without human contact. He may never have learnt that mostly he preferred it. His heightened sense of smell put him on level with the animals, and in his very nature he was much more like one than he was human.

He didn't like to admit he needed people, and he'd certainly never spoken it aloud, but he did fear turning into a real beast. He enjoyed his own rational thoughts, when he had them. He was safe in the knowledge that unless someone went to real extremes with his body, splitting it into various parts or removing things that could not be regenerated without that specific part to spur them on, he would perhaps never die.


She could hear the panic in her mind, every voice, every thought swimming over her, but not engulfing her. No, she had slowly but surely learnt how to keep her thoughts and dreams and desires pure, untainted from the wants and needs of others. She knew what she had to do. The greater sacrifice here was losing all of them, not just her. Jean was already straining her powers far past their usual capacity; there was another force working inside of her, fueling her with a fiery energy, a red hot strength and will. She could feel them all, like ants, trying to make a difference with their tiny movements. Xavier would not, could not; his ethics demanded he take a backseat in this, but she could feel him worming his way into her mind.

She spoke through him, feeling Scott's heart break and wrench apart. But there were bigger things to worry about now. Perhaps she could still make it out, once she had gotten the plane far enough away to be out of danger. Perhaps she could still save herself from this watery end. But all flames die out without fuel, and her body was failing her. She had the will but not the strength; her body was only flesh and blood and it was not made to contain power such as she almost thought she could wield, almost touch and take and have. Something inside her but not of her made promises of rebirth in the fire, and she found her last fleeting thought to be that perhaps she did not want to survive anyway.

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Title: Captive
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Characters: Nick Stokes
Challenge: Title challenge: Captive
Notes: Set during the season 5 finale; Grave Danger. About 350 words.




They used to roleplay this at university, Nick remembers. Totally sick and twisted in a way, if you think about it. Pairing up and making one person the kidnapper and one person the captive. And why do they call it kidnapping even when it's an adult? Or, well, abduction really, but Nick has always called it kidnapping and old habits die hard.

Die, why did he have to say die. It just brings back the reality of the situation, his eyes blurred by some chemical rubbed into his face, hands bound behind his back and aching solidly. How could he even let himself be distracted by thoughts of college? He should be finding a way to leave something behind, to give the team a clue. No matter if this case would be too personal, surely Grissom would find a way to make sure it became their only priority.

And what if they get there too late and, as with most cases, they're left dealing with a still body? And why Him; Nick hasn't done anything to anyone! Tears seep from his sore eyes and he tries not to make a noise. The driver doesn't seem to know he's awake. He has to pick his moment.

He can feel the car turn corners, pause at traffic lights. Maybe if he can walk his bound feet along the trunk walls he'll find a way to release it and roll out of the car. Maybe he'd land on the street, hard. Maybe he'd almost get hit by the car behind. Maybe it would be completely worth it, just to be free of this waiting game.

One step, two step, three. Nick pulls his legs in towards his body ready to kick them back out again as hard as possible, but the car makes a giant swerve and instead he tumbles over himself in the back and knocks his head. When he reopens his eyes his breathing has gotten even shallower. He comforts himself with thoughts that if anyone had wanted to simply kill him, they would have done it by now.



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