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Written for [ profile] shutupanddoeet's Twenty-Two Senses Challenge.

Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena & Ares, no specific spoilers; 4. SUBLIMINAL ESP;; Skin receptors that detect motion outside of the body, even when the body is asleep. 319 Words.


She wakes, and first she thinks perhaps she has startled herself out of a bad dream. It wouldn't be the first time. But there is no shortness of breath, no sweat on her brow.

Xena glances over to the sleeping roll beside her; Gabrielle is still in it and fast asleep. The second reason she would wake suddenly is also fruitless. She is almost out of explanations, until her skin begins to prickle.

Rising quietly, she takes steps away from the extinguished campfire, away from Gabrielle's ears lest she be awakened.

"I know you're here," she says teasingly to mid-air, "there's a crawling in my skin. Come on Ares."

He walks through nothingness and manifests himself. Xena relaxes visibly.

"It bothers me that you can do that." He says sulkily. It amuses her to see the God of War behave like a child, even momentarily.

"And you are here because...?" She asks, determined not to be distracted by him. Every angle he tries is to divert her from his true purpose.

"What else for?" Ares shrugs, "I'm about due to ask you again to reconsider your lifestyle and take up with me, as a Queen of War and Warriors. My queen."

"Somehow I don't see you as the begging type. Or the asking."

"One day you won't have a choice." He steps closer to her as his voice lowers. There is a darkness in his eyes that she recognises all too well.

"I'll never go back to who I once was." Xena says firmly. She folds her arms across her chest. "There's too much at stake now. Give it up Ares, and go back to where you came from."

She has barely finished speaking before he is away in flames and smoke.

"And back to whatever it is you're really up to." She finishes quietly. In the morning she and Gabrielle will be searching for signs of trouble. Nothing will get past her.


X-Men Movieverse, Bobby(Iceman)/John (Pyro), Self-destructive use of powers, 628 Words. 8. SHAMAN PERCEIVING;; Subliminal sensory systems which locate and identify a sense of heat across great distances (among other things).


Bobby doesn't smoke, so he has no excuse for carrying around a lighter. It's not a security issue like with John, but he hides it a lot better anyway. Sometimes when he's feeling particularly upset he puts on his cold front and grips it tight in his pocket until his fingers begin to ache.

Sometimes late at night he escapes his room and wanders down the furthest, darkest part of the school grounds and uses the lighter to start a campfire just big enough for him. Then he plays a game. Every five minutes he will inch a little closer to the flames. Every five minutes he will tempt the fire to heat him a little more, scorch his jeans or shirt, or even better, try to burn his skin. He is using this little technique to perfect the ice exterior he has so recently developed; he can turn his body to solid ice. Let John try and beat that; he's already hot-headed, he only needs the rest of his body to follow.

Bobby keeps his practice a secret, because he knows what the teachers will say. Self-destructrive behaviour, and maybe it is. Maybe it all is, this thing with John and all. Fire and ice just don't mix, and the fact that they even try to make it work is surely going to destroy them both little by little. They don't balance one another, they just clash.

He reaches out his hand to feel the dancing flames try to jump up and nip at his skin. As they dart about around his fingers he slowly turns his entire hand to ice. True enough it keeps him from harm, but if he leaves it there long enough, will he start to melt?

Every day he leaves his hand in the middle of the fire a little longer; he times it with his handy watch that works underwater and is also a compass. Every day he removes it just before he thinks it might begin to melt.

He just can't risk it.

He never waits long enough after that for the fire to burn itself out; a brush of his hand and it is frozen into spiralling icicles. By the time anyone visits this part of the gardens it'll be long melted away to leave a pile of charred sticks. Anyone who noticed it would only blame John.

When Bobby returns to his room he usually still isn't back to normal. When things go wrong in the mansion, they really go wrong. A little messing about with fire and ice won't change that. Sometimes John is awake, sometimes he's not. Sometimes Bobby goes to him and then the sex is fierce; John can feel the cold exterior but unlike others he can feel the icy heart lingering inside, bitter, and it spurs him on. Bobby can feel the heat against him everywhere, against his chest, his thighs, his mouth, and it feels like sticking his hand into the fire. John's anger is short and white-hot and extinguishes itself soon enough, but Bobby's is slow-forming and slow-releasing. Sometimes he needs to be melted a little, to let things out.

He figures John must know what he does; like he can tell when someone opens the freezer in the kitchen and he's not even in the same room. John must have a similar sort of radar that tells him when there are fires being set around the mansion. Not that anyone else but Bobby does, or so he hopes. He definitely wouldn't want any of the younger kids to start it; they don't all have a built-in fire extinguisher.

It's hard to tell though, whether that grin John sometimes wears is just his usual annoying grin, or a knowing smile.


Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena & Palaemon, Spoilers for season 2 episode 18, "Blind Faith". 6. PSYCHIC AKHIDO;; Whole-body receptors, including hair, that identify fluidic motions of horizontal, vertical, diagonal, even if not visually perceived. 504 Words.


Xena has heard of sumac before, and before she even asks the vendor she knows he will say it was in the dye mix that went into her eyes. Her eyes don't exactly sting to begin with, but she can feel the fuzziness starting to destroy her vision slowly.

Palaemon doesn't even notice right away; as the guards descend upon them Xena gets so caught up in the fighting she feels more than sees or even thinks. Her sword in hand she feels the weight of it and the push into flesh, the bite. She can smell the blood that spills and hear the charging footsteps at her from every angle. It isn't until the fight is over that she finds her sight has deserted her completely, and Palaemon gives voice to the thought.

"You're completely blind!"

He seems to feel more pity than amusement, and that is her first clue. He insists upon 'not taking advantage' while her sight is gone, feeling it would be no real defeat, though he saw her battle without the use of her eyes, and has since. He assures her as soon as she has restored her sight he will challenge her again, and make his name as the man who defeated and killed the Warrior Princess. She smirks every time she hears this now; she knows he has no intention of this, not anymore. If he had the heart (or lack thereof) to become a Warlord he wouldn't have cared a shred for honour or beating her when she was down. Part of him wants to make up for his mistake in selling Gabrielle to become some King's wife, she's sure. He tells himself he wants to recover Gabrielle for Xena because she won't go after the antidote for her blindness until then.

In Athens, that's where they'll find the cure, and that's more than a day's ride away. Xena refuses to think about it, instead concentrating on what really matters; finding Gabrielle before it's too late for her. Her sight is gone as far as she's concerned. It would be giving herself false hope to pretend she might snatch an antidote in time.

Fate obviously moves in a balanced circle however, Gabrielle's new friend and mentor just happening to carry the antidote. And it's a small price to pay for having his and Gabrielle's lives saved. The first thing Xena sees when the liquid is patted onto her eyes is Gabrielle's hopeful face that quickly turns into a smile when she realises Xena can see. And they both see the looks Palaemon receives from his new admirer. Mentor turned sidekick, and Gabrielle insists it's not bad work, if you can get it. She and Xena smile, and watch two good men walk away together for a new chapter in life.

Being blind didn't phase Xena, though it scared her for a while thinking she wouldn't be able to undo it. It did help her to see far more than you can with just your eyes, though.

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Title: Choice
Fandom: X-Men (Movieverse)
Character(s): Rogue (Marie), Wolverine (Logan), Jean Grey.
Challenge: From ES: Make the plot, theme or feel of your story about survival.
Notes: It sort of moves progressively from the end of X-Men 1 up to the end events of X2. It just happened! Three different characters and their issues with survival. 744 Words.


Some days when the voices in her head were threatening to overpower her, Rogue felt like she wouldn't survive. Unlike Professor Xavier, or Doctor Grey, she didn't have telepathic ability, she had no way of fixating on one particular voice or making them all just stop.

They would argue, strong personalities in her mind, imprints on her very nature and soul. She could go for hours after waking up without remembering how very different she was to others, and then all of a sudden Erik would creep in and point out the highly unappetising salt content of her choice of lunch. And Logan, never one to back down from a fight, would retort that he could eat whatever she wanted.

She. Rogue would sometimes lose sight of herself under these full grown men and their developed personalities. They knew who they were, well no, Logan didn't know exactly who he was, what he was, what his real name was, or anything of his history, but he had a solid personality. He was impatient and grouchy, but he had a kind heart.

The point was that Rogue was still growing and changing, and some days it felt like what she was growing into was simply a shadow of herself, a conduit for ghosts of other people's personalities to debate forever within the confines of her mind.


Logan would never have been who he was without his mutant power. His 'unique ability' as Xavier liked to put it. Without the power to heal so rapidly he never would have been an ideal candidate for that fucked-up son-of-a-bitch adamantium fusion to his bones. He would never have obtained the claws, blades of indestructible metal that pushed out of his knuckles on command. Not that it was a good thing to be a test subject, an even bigger freak than the rest of the mutant population.

But he wouldn't have known what it was to hunt and be hunted. He wouldn't have known to fend from the earth, or how his body could sustain itself even without food or water. He may never have discovered he could build an able shelter and survive without human contact. He may never have learnt that mostly he preferred it. His heightened sense of smell put him on level with the animals, and in his very nature he was much more like one than he was human.

He didn't like to admit he needed people, and he'd certainly never spoken it aloud, but he did fear turning into a real beast. He enjoyed his own rational thoughts, when he had them. He was safe in the knowledge that unless someone went to real extremes with his body, splitting it into various parts or removing things that could not be regenerated without that specific part to spur them on, he would perhaps never die.


She could hear the panic in her mind, every voice, every thought swimming over her, but not engulfing her. No, she had slowly but surely learnt how to keep her thoughts and dreams and desires pure, untainted from the wants and needs of others. She knew what she had to do. The greater sacrifice here was losing all of them, not just her. Jean was already straining her powers far past their usual capacity; there was another force working inside of her, fueling her with a fiery energy, a red hot strength and will. She could feel them all, like ants, trying to make a difference with their tiny movements. Xavier would not, could not; his ethics demanded he take a backseat in this, but she could feel him worming his way into her mind.

She spoke through him, feeling Scott's heart break and wrench apart. But there were bigger things to worry about now. Perhaps she could still make it out, once she had gotten the plane far enough away to be out of danger. Perhaps she could still save herself from this watery end. But all flames die out without fuel, and her body was failing her. She had the will but not the strength; her body was only flesh and blood and it was not made to contain power such as she almost thought she could wield, almost touch and take and have. Something inside her but not of her made promises of rebirth in the fire, and she found her last fleeting thought to be that perhaps she did not want to survive anyway.



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