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title: Further
fandom:Hobbfic; Farseer Trilogy. Set during Assassin's Quest.
summary: In the mountain kingdom the Fool muses on what is lost; all.
wordcount: 741
prompt: For [ profile] shutupanddoeet. Prompts used are:
Set 17: snow, escape, reunion, barrier, reflect
Set 1: illusion, filter, light, taken, mistakenly
Set 2: grasp, sleepy, torn, fight, key, gravity, force
Set 6: sleep, whisper, swordplay, royalty, destiny, stars
Set 9: time, contain, scatter, collapsing, pray

notes: originally posted in 2006 here.


'For a year, I have believed you dead, Fitz. For a whole year.'

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Written for [ profile] shutupanddoeet's poetry prompts way back in 2006. And I promptly (ha!) forgot they existed, so I'm posting them where I can find them.

The Tawny Man Trilogy, Gen, Post "Fool's Fate", The Fool, #17; The face of all the world is changed, I think - Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 300 Words.

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The Tawny Man Trilogy, set during "The Golden Fool", Fitz/The Fool, #13 I am two fools, I know, For loving, and for saying so - John Donne. 209 Words.

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So it's clumsy and not exactly what I intended, but it got the characters out of my head and helped the story diffuse out too, which is like writing therapy. Henry and Clare are from the book The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Spoilers for the ending of the book. 427 words.

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Xena: Warrior Princess, (mostly) gen, Gabrielle & Xena, #15 My letters! all dead paper, mute and white! - Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 290 Words.

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Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena/Gabrielle, set whenever; no specific spoilers, #10 Then why not lips on lips, since eyes in eyes? Art thou ashamed to kiss? then wink again, - William Shakespeare. 235 Words.

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Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle/Perdicus, Xena, Callisto. Spoilers for Return Of Callisto (Season 2, Episode 5). #18 Because the point A., is the centre Of the circular B. C. D., And because the point B., is the centre Of the circular A. C. E., A. C. to A. B. and B. C. to B. A. Harmoniously equal for ever must stay; - Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 384 Words.

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Title: Completing the Cycle (The Reverse-Clockwise Remix)
Fandom: The Tawny Man trilogy
Characters: The Fool, Fitz, Nighteyes.
Challenge: (During the ES remainder challenge) The 'Remix' Challenge; Pick a fic of an author you like (preferably with permission) and remix it.
Word Count: Just over 800 Words.
Notes: A remix of Completing The Cycle (duh!). It's sort of more from Fitz's perspective this time than The Fool's? (Hence the "reversal" idea in the remix title. And I know it's ANTI-clockwise but it sounded better this way!). Eh, I just hope it doesn't suck completely. Well, I had fun writing it anyway!

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Originally from a challenge on ES on GreatestJournal.

31_Days Prompts; (April 16th - April 20th)

April 16: I will show you fear in a handful of dust (Charmed; Prue) 55 Words

There was a self-confidence about her that you would never expect from her sisters, it was a trait purely Prue. The way she stared down the demon, fist full of charred ashes from it's companion's demise and asked, "Now, do you want to help me, or do you want this to happen to you too?"


April 17: Dollar diplomacy (House, M.D.; Greg House.) 57 Words

"Look kid," House began, leaning on his cane in a way that suggested it was not for practical use, but for show only, "obviously you have this issue with doing dumb stuff for money, but hows about this time I slip you my friend George and his friends, and you agree to have this really smart test?"


April 18: (in parenthesis) (Tawny Man Trilogy; Fitz, The Fool) 64 Words

There were many reasons for leaving a thing unsaid, but the most profound was already knowing someone so well and so deeply that they need never say a word for you to know regardless how they would react, what the would say or do. That was why the Fool had so tactfully danced around the edges of meaning, and now you had ruined everything.


April 19: Strangers in the dark (Arthurian Legend; Lancelot, Guinevere) 59 words

It hurt so much less in the night-time. If she kept her eyes unfocused she could pretend. Not pretend that he was Arthur, she would not belittle either man, but pretend that he were just a man, her night lover, and she were just a lady, free to do as she wished, cloaked and hugged by the dark's embrace.


April 20: Into every young man's bedroom you gave it up (Imajica; Pie'oh'Pah) 58 Words

Even too much of pleasure became a trial in the end. Retreating into yet another stranger's room, knowing his innermost desires before he knew them himself and outwardly protraying them without even trying. Laying back and doing your job, all because of one cruel, flippant comment set to haunt the both of you forever, if he ever remembered.

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Title: Immortal [i]
Fandom: The Liveship Trilogy
Characters: Althea, Vivacia, Talley.
Challenge: QUOTE; "All men think all men mortal but themselves." - Edward Young
Notes: Hopefully part of a series of fics using various characters from The Liveship Trilogy, using moment where they feel immortal. 211 words.


"Often as a girl, she would catnap on the decks of the Vivacia, or spend an evening stretched out on the deck of her father's quarters reading his books. Dozing off always brought her vivid dreams and semi-waking fancies."


After years upon a ship, Althea knew her way around it in a professional sense. More than that, even, which came from exploring every hidey-hole possible as a child. Playing hiding and seeking games with crew-members who did not even know they were playing with her. Determining how long it would take for someone to notice she was gone, and how long then it would take for them to discover her. Hands gripping tight to the wooden poles and planks that comprised of the Vivacia, she would hear the ship whisper to her. In far lands where her mother could not sing her to sleep, she would be lulled to dreaming by the memories of the ship, singing in her great-grandmother's voice. And in her dreams she would sing to her great-grandmother's child on her own lap, and feel the salt-spray of the sea touch her cheek. Althea would come to forget these vivid memories as she grew almost completely, but her childhood was fueled by her great-grandmother Talley's iron will and bold ambitions as much as comforted by just her prescence. Whether a storm or attack or any other peril took place in her dreams or not, Althea never felt so safe afterwards knowing where and when she had been.



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