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Originally from a challenge on ES on GreatestJournal.

31_Days Prompts; (April 16th - April 20th)

April 16: I will show you fear in a handful of dust (Charmed; Prue) 55 Words

There was a self-confidence about her that you would never expect from her sisters, it was a trait purely Prue. The way she stared down the demon, fist full of charred ashes from it's companion's demise and asked, "Now, do you want to help me, or do you want this to happen to you too?"


April 17: Dollar diplomacy (House, M.D.; Greg House.) 57 Words

"Look kid," House began, leaning on his cane in a way that suggested it was not for practical use, but for show only, "obviously you have this issue with doing dumb stuff for money, but hows about this time I slip you my friend George and his friends, and you agree to have this really smart test?"


April 18: (in parenthesis) (Tawny Man Trilogy; Fitz, The Fool) 64 Words

There were many reasons for leaving a thing unsaid, but the most profound was already knowing someone so well and so deeply that they need never say a word for you to know regardless how they would react, what the would say or do. That was why the Fool had so tactfully danced around the edges of meaning, and now you had ruined everything.


April 19: Strangers in the dark (Arthurian Legend; Lancelot, Guinevere) 59 words

It hurt so much less in the night-time. If she kept her eyes unfocused she could pretend. Not pretend that he was Arthur, she would not belittle either man, but pretend that he were just a man, her night lover, and she were just a lady, free to do as she wished, cloaked and hugged by the dark's embrace.


April 20: Into every young man's bedroom you gave it up (Imajica; Pie'oh'Pah) 58 Words

Even too much of pleasure became a trial in the end. Retreating into yet another stranger's room, knowing his innermost desires before he knew them himself and outwardly protraying them without even trying. Laying back and doing your job, all because of one cruel, flippant comment set to haunt the both of you forever, if he ever remembered.

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Title: Passing On
Fandom: Charmed
Character(s): Prue Halliwell, Paige Matthews
Challenge: From ES: (A) line(s) of dialogue to include. (One, two or all in one fic!); "The knife just slipped. Sixty-seven times."
Notes: Set in early to mid season four, when Paige has just found her family and is trying to learn what it is to be a witch. (Set after another fic I wrote that I no longer have.) 701 Words.

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Title: Divide By Three
Fandom: Charmed
Character(s): Prue Halliwell
Challenge: And what if I said, It's in your head
You're not the one I used to know,
Gone to your head

- Gone To Your Head By Zeromancer
Notes: Set during Season 3 Episode 18: 'Sin Francisco', where Prue almost destroys herself after being infected with the Sin of Pride. 337 Words.


"-any good you did during your prideful state was for the greater glory of Prue..."

At the time, Prue had conceded to her sister's words a little reluctantly, not believing them in the slightest and simply wanting to put an end to the conversation, but she'd had the chance to mull over what had happened since; Lucas, the sins. You were pre-disposed to a particular one - Piper to gluttony and overindulgence, Leo to sloth and taking one break too many, Phoebe to lust (yeah, like that was a big suprise). It was a fact that Prue was pride's bitch, whether she liked it or not. But she was trying to change!

Looking at herself in the mirror though, she had to wonder - was she really trying to change? And yet how could she be expected to; she was so pumped up on her own sense of self-importance she hadn't thought there was anything to change!

It was a lot harder being the oldest sister than Piper and Phoebe realised. Having to take care of everyone and everything. Do everything first, pave the way. Experience things and be there with warnings and advice. If she lost sight of her purpose, it wouldn't just be Prue who suffered. Her sisters would too. And she simply couldn't let that happen.

The trick was to find a balance. Just like she had been trying to do before everything happened. Except instead of just finding a balance between real life - work, dating - and vanquishing demons, she had to find a balance between the fact that her place in this family was important, but it wasn't more important than anyone else's. Too long had she let her sisters rely on her because she felt she had to be their mother's replacement. Too long had they thought of her as the strongest sister. It was called the Power Of Three. And Prue was going to remind her Piper and Phoebe just how important they each were to that equation too.



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