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title: Float
characters: Fuji Yuuta, Fuji Syuusuke, Saeki Kojiroh.
summary: Set sometime when they were younger and evil. Yuuta tries to understand boys on Girl's Day.
notes: Written for [ profile] pot500's Festivals Challenge, #7.
word count: 437 words.

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To Em; February prompt number 13
Fuji/Saeki - "And girls are a bore/They touch without feeling"

Fuji only agrees to go on the date because otherwise Saeki will have no date. It provides opportunity. 566 Words


Fuji only agrees to go on the date because otherwise Saeki will have no date; the girl has insisted he bring a friend for her friend, else it's a no-deal.

Saeki's date, Kanami-kun, has breasts larger than usual for her age, but Fuji can't help figuring his best-friend to have been a breasts kind of guy. He's more of a legs person himself. But her friend, Naka-kun, has quite successfully covered the entirity of her already short legs with a floor length skirt.

They go to see a movie, both a wonderful and stupid idea all at once in Fuji's opinion. Stupid in terms of a date, because it's an activity where you get no chance to speak or even look at your date for a couple of hours, and wonderful because he doesn't have to feign any interest in the girl if he feigns enough interest in the movie.

The girls pick the movie, and they pick a romantic comedy; of course. And then they sit together in the middle, Saeki on Kanami-kun's left, and Fuji on Naka-kun's right, so he can't even make up voice-overs with Kojiroh as the actors overplay their parts.

Fuji notes the way Kanami-kun begins to glance at Saeki every now and then for a good five minutes before it happens. He himself begins to twitch noticably on purpose, excusing himself to the bathroom mere seconds before Kanami-kun and Saeki start making out.

He is glad he got himself out of that in time; girls are like parrots and have to copy what the other does in nearly any given situation. He leans against cold tile in the toilets and considers buying more snacks to thrust into Naka-kun's hands to keep them and her mouth well-occupied for a little longer.

"You should think about hurrying up; girls have the excuse that they take ages in the toilet redoing their make-up, but boys don't." Saeki is standing in the inner doorway, smirking.

"I was just about to pull my eyeliner out of my back pocket, too." Fuji mock-pouts. "Does it matter where I am?"

"It does to Naka-chan," Saeki says in a serious tone, "which means it matters to Kanami-chan. Which means I have to hear about it." He points to both sides of his head. "In both ears!"

"Kojiroh," Fuji sighs. "You know I don't want to be here. I don't even like the girl."

"That girl, or just... girls?" Saeki asks. Fuji narrows his eyes.

"And why does that matter?"

Saeki extends a hand out to Fuji, as though offering up a handshake; a friendly gesture of acceptance. Fuji does not change his expression, but offers out a reluctant hand in return. Saeki grips it tightly and pulls Fuji against him. They both exhale.

Saeki's hands are now on Fuji's chest, having stopped him from falling right into Saeki's body. Fuji's hands have gripped Saeki's waist to help him reattain some balance.

"It matters to me." Saeki says. "Because right now your hands on my hips, not even touching skin, are turning me on more than Kanami-chan's hands fumbling in my lap during the movie."

"Like this?" Fuji asks delicately, nudging Saeki's legs apart a little with his knee, dragging his hands across hips until they meet in the front and one squeezes Saeki through his jeans.

"Oh," Saeki says in reply, when he meant to just say yes.

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208 Words.
Prompt from [ profile] vacivity, as follows:

A. Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
B. Colour/Setting/Time of Day/Season: navy blue, beach, evening, fall.
C. Extra prompt within ten words: "Play it again".


"Wasn't it nice of Kojirou to invite us to his home for the weekend?" Fuji says, smiling softly as the sun sets over the waters. The hour is early, but the nights are beginning to creep in earlier and earlier now that fall has begun after all, and the air holds a chill. Tezuka uses this as his excuse to pull Fuji closer with an awkward arm around his shoulders; Fuji has only a shirt on, while Tezuka has a jacket, and his navy blue scarf.

"Mmm," he says in response. "Suspicious, even. Even more so when he suddenly remembered he had other plans."

Fuji buries his smile in the fabric of Tezuka's shirt. "Are you accusing my best friend of lying?" He asks a moment later. "Or conspiracy?"

"Both, I suppose." Tezuka replies.

"Well, I'm glad we got that settled." Fuji says, and squirms himself further into Tezuka's grasp. Tezuka's hand finds its way into Fuji hair of its own accord. And everytime it does, Fuji tends to make a little noise somewhat akin to a purr.

"This is in all likelihood going to happen again," Fuji says. "Just so you know."

"Well," Tezuka says after a pause, "I don't believe I'm adverse to the idea."

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Fuji & Saeki play some tennis, and Saeki shows off his super-skills. It was supposed to be... nothing like this at all, but this is where we are :x

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title: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
pairing: Fuji/Saeki
summary: Two friends and their first sexual encounters with one another ;)
inspiration: prompt table prompt 018. Gunsel: The orally passive member of a homosexual union.
notes: 1547 words.

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