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title: Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
fandom: Prince of Tennis
pairing/characters: unrequited!Tezuka/Fuji, unrequited!Tachibana/Fuji.
inspiration: the e.e. cummings poem with the same starting line as the title.
notes: 435 words. There may come more of this.

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Oh Fuji, I'm inserting you into my life, though I am decidedly minus a hot, stoic tennis captain, so you'll have to bring him with you ;) One-sided Fuji/Tachibana (I love to torture that boy), Fuji/Tezuka, Oishi/Eiji hints. Tachibana learns to drive and Fuji learns about peer pressure. 1860 Words.

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title: Five Middle School Tennis Clubs Fuji Never Joined (And One He Did) [Part 1/6]
fandom: Prince of Tennis
summary: Fate takes care of itself. What will be will be, and circles eventually follow themselves back round.
notes: One of those Five Things Fics again ;) Fuji-centric. Brought about by his questioning how he and Tezuka might have been if they had gone to rival schools, though that question isn't addressed much here.
part one: In which someone else sets Fuji on the path to seriousness, and gets something back in exchange.

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fandom: Prince Of Tennis
pairing(s)/characters: Tezuka/Fuji, Sanada/Yukimura, Yanagi, Echizen, Tachibana, Kirihara.
prompt: "I never knew my journey began, And ended with you my friend, Softer than your butterfly kisses, And stronger than my desire, I wanna thank you my friend, For making me feel alive." - What You Like, Darren Hayes
notes: 5564 Words. For January's Fluffy Relationships Challenge, but I want you to have it now, as a birthday present, Cyn :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE IT! FANGIRL IT! SQUEE YOUR HEART OUT! ;)


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Prompt table, condensed from here. Sources cited in that post; just find the appropriate prompt under it's original number.

001.Five shades of white.
( a. IVORY
e. SNOWY )
002. Everything you ever wished for. 003. The effect of impact on stationary objects. 004. Your pretty blue eyes are just stained glass. 005.As long as you're mine.
006.A dark heart, beating. 007.Beneath these hands. 008.The heart of your gesture. 009. Hard, but much truer. 010. Eyes meeting over the noise.
011. The possibility of zero. 012.In praise of surfaces. 013.Tomorrow is something we remember. 014. these children-no-longer-children. 015. a fine line between genius and insanity.
016. many nameless virtues. 017.A lie told often enough becomes the truth. 018.who can not forgive himself. 019. I had to be the good one. 020.the language of the visionary and the idealist.
021.Writer's Choice #1: Under Glass 022.Writer's Choice #2: Crossroads 023.Writer's Choice #3: Hunger 024.Writer's Choice #4: Finding New Prey 025.Writer's Choice #5: Winners Take Chances

Prince Of Tennis; Tezuka/Fuji mostly, whether it's paired, gen, or mixed with others.



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