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Silver-tongued [Kamen Rider OOO, Date/Gotou]

Kamen Rider OOO, Date/Gotou, for Cyn. Rated barely R for a NAUGHTY WORD. Gasp. 187 Words.




He's surprisingly enthusiastic about this, Gotou-chan. Date just shakes his head and chides himself for making assumptions - Gotou-chan is always surprising him. Just like that time Date discovered him working at Cous Coussier!

Perhaps it was a little premature to assume Gotou-chan would be shy in bed. When Date thinks about it, Gotou is reluctant, short-tempered, easily embarrassed, but does any of that make him shy?

Apparently not, because those are definitely his lips wrapped around Date's cock right now. Oh yes.

He's still admiring the sight when Gotou-chan's eyes flick up to meet his. And he pulls off-

"Why wouldn't I be, Date-san?"

So. Apparently he said that out loud.

It's strangely erotic how Gotou-chan won't drop the honorific, even now. Date reaches out and pulls Gotou-chan into his lap, strokes a finger down his cheek.

"I didn't think that you had-"

"So?" Gotou-chan retorts roughly before Date can finish the sentence.

Ah, he's blushing! This is what he likes!

(Although it isn't fair that they can already discern the ending of one another's sentences like an old married couple and they haven't even had sex yet.)


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