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in waking dreams [Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Basco/Ahim]

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger fic, for Noey: Doppelgangland!AU, Basco/Ahim. 436 Words. (I'm sorry the end sucks but I hope the rest makes up for it <3)

(Is it even an R rating or do I suck that much? 8D)


in waking dreams


Basco isn't ashamed to admit (but only to himself) that he indulges in fantasy.

He likes the idea of walking out of the kitchen one time, trapping hime-chan against a wall and leaning in-

Maybe she'd snap at him; maybe he'd make her forget who she is long enough for bared teeth to show.

...He's definitely got it bad when he starts wishing for a woman to get one over on him.

(Oh he'd love it if she'd get one of those legs over hi-)

"Princess," he'd say, drawing the word out and punctuating with a smirk. She'd shudder; not out of fear, but disgust.

(He's got issues, he knows this. But nobody else needs to.)

Sometimes he thinks about tying her up in chains, then offering her a chance to buy her freedom through combat. No hands, Hime-chan. No chance to grab... his... gun.

It might be nice to go all out and play the bad guy, after all. Offer her the chance to buy her freedom and run back to the others, the pathetic little group she calls crew. Just get down on your knees, hime-chan, open wide and don't you dare use those teeth, or it just might be you won't have any when I'm through with you.

Her delicious defiant glare. Maybe there will be tears standing in her eyes that refuse to loose down her cheeks. Far too regal for that.

(A problem with royalty? Him? Never!)

Maybe the humiliation shouldn't be private. Maybe someone should get to see their perfect little princess taking one for the team.

Oh, and who would that wound the most? Let's see-

Basco can maybe think of a certain tin soldier in need of a heart. A heart that'll break before he admits to actually having one.

Although, perhaps now and then it might be nice to have a willing Ahim come to his bed. Perhaps she'd have to be Ahim's evil twin. Dressed in black lace, and smiling that wickedly teasing smile he's seen on her face once or twice, but that seems to be reserved for others only.

Maybe she'll crawl onto the bed on hands and knees, up his body and open up for him willingly... Maybe that shouldn't be so appealing as it is.


(Sometimes Ahim catches Basco looking at her with a fire in his eyes and no awareness of actually doing it. Her lip curls and she primly turns away so that she doesn't have to look at it. Perhaps she has her theories as what is going on in Basco's mind when he gets like that... but really, she has no idea.)


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