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a taste of power [Kamen Rider OOO; Ankh, Shingo, Hina, Eiji.]

Ankh, Shingo, Hina, Eiji. Part of my, "Shingo talks to Ankh inside his mind" alternative-canon (as if we have any proof to definitely say otherwise XD). Set towards the end of episode 6; some dialogue lifted directly from the episode subtitles. 362 words.


a taste of power


"You know who she is," Shingo says as Ankh's eyes lock with Hina's. He is wearing a motorbike helmet but the tint of the light means she can see straight through it and into his eyes properly as he passes.

Of course I do, Ankh sneers, Eiji won't stop going on about it.

"No," Shingo says as they bypass her completely and carry on down the road, "I mean who she is to me."

The intense warm feeling that infuses Ankh at his words leaves no room for misunderstanding. Fierce but gentle, profound but freeing.

"You're spilling over onto me," Ankh says out loud. Nobody can hear it; they're alone on the road, and the sound of the engine would cover it anyway. "And I don't have time for this."

To be honest, it's unsettling: human emotion. Overwhelming; and this coming from Ankh who once, eight hundred years ago, devoured human greed like ice candy. It's nothing in comparison to this direct link.

Even Eiji doesn't provide sufficient distraction when Ankh reaches him. Already transformed for battle, and not doing a stellar job of it on his own.

"Hey Ankh," he says as he shakes himself free of Mezool's nest-grubs. "Three Core Medals in a set; that Combo thing... What does it do?"

"It's an incredible amount of power," Ankh says. "You probably wouldn't be able to use it without getting hurt."

"I could say the same for you," Shingo insists inside his mind. Ankh can visualize the accompanying wry smile. The image must be getting pressed upon him by his host-body's owner.

Perhaps Shingo has already wormed his way so quickly inside Ankh's mind that he knows just which buttons to press. Perhaps it is one of those parts of being human that means he can read Ankh so well.

All Ankh knows is that he wants very badly to prove the voice inside his head wrong. Perhaps that's why when Eiji voices the same sort of sentiment when it comes to the medals, he hands them over with no argument.

It's always fun to prove Eiji wrong, after all. Ankh doesn't even have to do anything in order to accomplish that.

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I always wanted to know if Shingo was ever around when Ankh looked at Hina the way he did...

I love you Em, this is why you are the Queen of the Universe. XD

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I have so much love for this~

You can do it Em, I support this all the way.

(Who doesn't ship Ankh/Hina seriously? Hehehe)
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Oooh this is interesting! Ankh and Shingo and private discussions in his (their) head.

I love how you can integrate pieces of canon dialogue and everything in there - it's really interesting to see!

You definitely need to write more! :D :D