Nov. 3rd, 2016

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Hana Kaze AU (Scenes in order of writing, not in order of AU timeline).


"Come over," Jaehwan says in an annoyingly angelic voice, beckoning up the stairs. He must have been practicing copying Taekwoon's soft tones for weeks to pull that off. Hyuk finds his hand is already on the handrail, he's already putting his foot to the bottom stair, not even tempted to ask if it'll be a problem-

-until Jaehwan has him splayed out on the couch, wriggling right over his crotch and nuzzling, no wait kissing, no wait, more nuzzling into Hyuk's neck again. Hyuk's hands are descending to Jaehwan's pants, lips trailing down the side of his face, the only part he can reach from their positions right now when he realises where he is.

"Wait!" He yelps quietly, pushing Jaehwan off, but not too much because he doesn't really want to stop, or for Jaehwan to think he does. He just wants Jaehwan to assume the responsibility for this recklessness. "Are you sure this is alright? Out in the open like this? You share this place with Wonshik-hyung, and you two used to-"

"Shikkie and I are good friends," Jaehwan assures Hyuk. He's already trying to lean down again with his lush mouth, tempting Hyuk into distraction. "Best of friends. We did the do, the nasty, the beast with two backs. But he's always gonna be in love with Hongbin. I knew it was just fooling around, wouldn't last."

Hyuk is thrown by this new information; he'd certainly never felt second best in comparison to Wonshik when he and Hongbin were... Well, that had largely been fooling around too, he supposes. It had felt like his first grown-up relationship. And being with Jaehwan somehow feels mature too. That could be because his mental age is in fact higher than Jaehwan's even though he's a few years younger.

"Wonshik-hyung is in love with Hongbin?"

"It's not obvious," Jaehwan admits, running a hand through his fluffy, lopsided hair. "Actually I don't even think he knows he is. I think I figured it out and he still thinks he just loves Hongbin like a best friend and nothing else."

"Hyung," Hyuk begins nervously, "I don't know if Hongbin feels the same way. I've never had any reason to suspect it."

"It's not up to us to fix it," Jaehwan shrugs. "Even though I know someone who would think it was-"

Hakyeon, of course. Always trying to make sure they're all happy and healthy. And, now that's he so grossly in love, make sure everyone else has someone too.


Hyuk gives in to Jaehwan's puppy dog eyes, of course. And they make out on the couch for a while, and Hyuk lets Jaehwan below the belt but only over the boxers, and Jaehwan agrees without a murmur of protest, because of that weird energy between the two of them where they're both so completely ready to throw themselves into having fun and sex together, but know there's more to it than that and they don't want to wreck it.

Hyuk's just thankful that Wonshik doesn't come up to the apartment after work and catch them in the middle, entwined and breathing heavily, foreheads beaded with sweat. Wonshik comes back to find them both belly down on the floor, each with a controller in hand and battling it out in a video game. The legs they have next to each other are entwined, because Jaehwan started nudging Hyuk's to distract him and then they just ended up getting comfortable, but Wonshik knows they're dating (or whatever) now, and at least that's not obscene!

Being in a room with someone who has had sex with your new sort-of boyfriend, that's new for Hyuk. It makes him feel awkward, self-conscious in front of Wonshik, even though Wonshik isn't the one who will be able to compare the two of them in bed once he and Hyuk do it!

"This is how you bond?" Wonshik asks, nose wrinkling as he smiles affectionately. "Video games?"

"Could be worse, 'Shikkie!" Jaehwan calls out as Wonshik heads to the kitchen for a drink. "You could've caught us making out earlier!"

Hyuk shoots Jaehwan a face, puffing out his cheeks in displeasure. Yes, he'd been worried about that exact thing, no need to bring it up in front of Wonshik!

Jaehwan shrugs, grinning. "It'll be fine," he mouths to Hyuk.

"I'm sure I could have," Wonshik says amiably, settling himself oh so naively in the middle of the sofa where said making-out had been happening only an hour, hour and a half ago before. Hyuk doesn't know whether to cringe or laugh. He feels like his face is doing both.

Might as well bite the bullet and ask.

"It's not weird for you, hyung?" He says tentatively. Jaehwan, out of the corner of Hyuk's eye, is just making a wide eyed face that says, 'told you so', but not in a nasty way. He's trying to be reassuring, but achieving annoyingly adorable. He's such a pain in the ass.

"What?" Wonshik asks. Does he honestly not know from the topic of conversation? Hyuk looks at him dubiously. He's not afraid to say it! If he can't say it he shouldn't be doing it, right?

"Seeing the person you used to... Have sex with-" Well done, Hyuk thinks to himself proudly, "-going out with someone new? Even if you've always been friends?"

"Mmm," Wonshik does actually give it some thought and not just dismiss Hyuk's concerns. "Jaehwan and I spend so much time together, we've been chasing the same sort of dreams for so many years, it was bound to happen eventually. We're both too curious not to want to see what would happen."

At that point Jaehwan explodes, trying to stifle his giggles behind his hands. The video game is completely forgotten.

"You weren't curious; you're terrified of everything!" He splutters. It sounds like a tease, though, and Hyuk can see the dynamic between them is still completely relaxed. Jaehwan nudges Hyuk heavily in the arm. "He was striking out for so long he finally got bold enough to try something with me!"

"Hyung." Hyuk shakes his head. "You don't come off well in that scenario. Like Wonshik-hyung would only go for you when he was desperate."

"Maybe that's true," Wonshik says mildly, mouth twitching. Jaehwan leaps up, grabbing a sofa cushion to attack Wonshik with. Wonshik brings his hands to his face to protect it as Jaehwan grabs another cushion for his other hand and tries to flail them both at Wonshik in quick succession.

Hyuk bursts out laughing, stuffing down the urge to ask, so, having sex doesn't really change anything?

He's not sure if that should be reassuring to him or not.

He wants it to mean something, after all. That's why he's been waiting.


"Oh my god, he's just so oblivious!" Hongbin groans. His head makes a light thunk with the back of the couch and Taekwoon cringes, but Hongbin doesn't seem to have been injured, or care at all about it. "I don't want to flirt too overtly in case it scares him off! We've been best friends for so long and he's going to completely freak out, because that's what Wonshik does." Hakyeon opens his mouth to advise but Hongbin is already waving a finger in his face. "So don't tell me to just tell him, because it won't work!"

"I know, I know," Hakyeon says soothingly, patting Hongbin's thigh. Taekwoon reminds himself that Hakyeon is very physically affectionate, and that the hand was at a very platonic spot on the thigh, nowhere near crotch at all. It's not that he doesn't trust Hakyeon! He just can't stop the twinges of his brain insisting that Hakyeon should only be touched by him.

At least he's keeping the thoughts to himself and not verbalising them. That's an improvement.

"You have to do something to allow him to start thinking about you in a sexual way though!" Hakyeon insists. "We need to open his eyes to that avenue."

"He's so annoyingly sexy, hyung," Hongbin says irritably. "He gets changed in front of me like it's nothing, because we've always been like that, but then I feel like a fucking teenager again, getting the butterflies and having to feign total disinterest, or worse, say something cutting because I'm mad at myself for being so juvenile! I just want to jump him, you know?"

The sparkle in Hakyeon's eyes says he knows, but all he says is, "I'm not going to talk about other people like that when I'm with Taekwoon~"

"Just say you know how it feels in regards to Taekwoon-hyung then, jeeze," Hongbin huffs but it turns into a laugh. "I'm not going to be grossed out, hyung."

"The baggier the sweaters that Taekwoon wears, the more I want to rip them right off him," Hakyeon says, making direct eye contact with Taekwoon as he speaks. Taekwoon looks down at the sweater he's wearing, the way it covers his hands almost to the ends of his fingers. Okay, so maybe he'd figured out just a little that the more he hid his shape the more Hakyeon tended to want to reveal it.

"When Wonshik walks around my place shirtless I want to get down on my knees and kiss those abs," Hongbin sighs. "And I am not the type to get on my knees for anyone usually, Hakyeon."

"I'm going," Taekwoon says, standing up abruptly. "I don't want to hear this."

"As long as you don't mind us talking about it," Hakyeon chuckles. "Oh, and Tae?" Taekwoon glances back, eyelids half obscuring his gaze. "Don't change clothes, okay?"


"What is this?" Hakyeon asks, looking down into his coffee cup and laughing.

"Latte art!" Jaehwan announces, handing out the rest of the drinks around the table. Taekwoon peers down into his mug, seeing the same thing as in Hakyeon's and raises an eyebrow, but bothers neither to praise or criticise. Jaehwan is pretty sure that if Taekwoon really disliked it he would say something, so he's counting it as a win!

"What's wrong with mine?" Hyuk demands pitifully. Jaehwan looks down to see that the rabbit he'd drawn had been jolted at some point and turned into-

"-it's an angry, mutant bunny!" He declares. Hyuk just looks at him, eyebrows raised. He's clearly not won over. Yet. Jaehwan tucks in all his fingers but the forefinger and middle finger and crooks them a little, bouncing them like bunny ears. "I'll make it up to you! Boing-boing!" He lifts the faux bunny ears behind his head and offers out his hand like a paw asking for forgiveness. Hyuk barks out a laugh all of a sudden. "Ahhh, Ken-bunny saves the day!"

Jaehwan turns around and literally hops back off to the counter, sticking out his imaginary bunny tail on the way. Hyuk just glances around at Hakyeon and Taekwoon and asks, "did that seriously just happen?"

"That's Jaehwan-ah," Hakyeon says almost mysteriously, lifting his latte to his mouth to take a comforting sip.


Wordcount: 1852


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