Sep. 16th, 2011

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[Ankh, Hina. 258 words]


"Ankh..." Hina says, approaching carefully. He's eating, which is always a good sign, even if it's never usually anything with nutritional content. "When you eat those popsicles, you can taste them, right?"

"Yeah," he replies shortly. He doesn't bother to turn to look at her as he speaks.

"And that's because you're... in a human body?" she presses. There are words she doesn't always say, for fear of setting him off - 'Oniichan's body'. "You are using the taste buds, but experiencing the taste yourself?"

"It's because I'm the dominant presence in this body at the moment," Ankh says simply. "My consciousness is the one that feels it."

"So... Oniichan doesn't at all?"

"I don't know," Ankh shrugs. "Maybe there's a kind of recollection, like the memory of doing it without actually having tasted the food. I'm not the one to ask."

"I can't ask oniichan!" Hina bursts out. Treading carefully around Ankh never lasts more than two minutes because he's so frustrating. It becomes something of a need to goad him - anything but those blase responses every time.

"No," he agrees, finally turning to glance at her. His eyes unsettle her; the same shape and colour as oniichan's, but there's an oblivion of despair in them that oniichan has never had. It always rattles her.

"Ankh," she says, taking a deep breath, "you can experience human emotions now too, using my brother's body. But what you feel isn't what he feels."

"Yeah, I don't love you like a sister," Ankh half-snorts, "but I should've thought that was obvious."



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